PassPack Minor Updates

A couple of small changes: “remember me” improvement and CSV import changes.

Remember Me

PassPack’s remember me function requires that you have your Anti-phising Welcome Message set up.

In the past, when you checked off the “remember me” option without having first personalized your Welcome Message, the only remedy was to manually navigate to the Welcome Message screen, set it up, sign out then sign back in again while checking the remember me box. Ick!

Remember Me Alert

Now, if PassPack realizes that you don’t have a Welcome Message set up it’ll tell you so in a very obvious way and let you hop straight over to the Welcome Message screen. There you can both set up the Welcome Message, as well as select the “remember me” option without having to sign out and sign back in. Much better.

We’ve also started to clean up the Welcome Message screen too. This should make it a little more clear when using this screen.

CSV Import

We’ve had a few people write in about problems with the CSV import process getting stuck on the preview screen and not going any further. It’s not fixed yet and we need your help in pinpointing the problem.

We believe the problem may lie, not in the format of your CSV files, but with the contents. We have added some controls to the process which should help us, help you.

If you are one of the people who had problems importing, please try again now and write me with the exact error message that you receive.

Thank you!

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2 responses to “PassPack Minor Updates

  1. Hans Fredrik Nordhau

    Sorry for being slightly off-topic, but is there any progress on the support for HTTP Digest/Basic login?

  2. Hello Hans. No worries. Actually *my* apologies because I didn’t get back to you on that yet and I should have.

    I’ve been told “Nothing is impossible so maybe one day we can find a proper solution, but until then: We can’t support it.”


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