Hidden PassPack Shortcuts

A quick cheat sheet for all the little tricks we’ve put into PassPack… well, almost all.

These are some extra tidbits. PassPack will work fine even if you don’t learn these tricks. Any ideas for more?

Turn on 1 Click Login

While pressing 1, click the bookmark star (upper right corner). This will turn on 1 Click Login so that you don’t have to navigate through the auto-login screen.

Alternatively press z1. It’ll do the same thing. In Firefox on Linux you’ll have to press the 1 key twice.
(Yes, we’ll add a proper feature eventually. This is the result of our testing so we thought we’d share)

Replace Tags Account-wide

While pressing r, click on the tag. A little window will pop up and you can change the tag. All instances of that tag will be replaced in your entire account. If you replace it with an existing tag, the two will be merged.

Single Tag Replace

Edit an Entry’s Tags

While pressing e, click anywhere in the tag column of the entry you’d like edit … et voilà: the column will become editable. The auto-fill works as well, so have fun.

Tags editing

Delete an Entry

While pressing d, click on the entry you’d like delete. Careful! It doesn’t ask you to confirm, it just deletes. This is probably the fastest way to get rid of extra entries after having tried to import too many.

View an Entry’s Password History

Open the Entry window. While pressing h, click on the scrambled password field (it must be scrambled). A small window will pop up with some options.

Password history

Purge Password History for Your Entire Account

While pressing h, click on the column header of your main list labeled “pass” (illustration here). This will purge your entire account of password history, so be careful.

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15 responses to “Hidden PassPack Shortcuts

  1. Crístian Deives

    I liked most the 1 Click Login shortcut! Really nice! =)

  2. David Duymelinck

    The one click login only works on the alfanumeric part not on the numeric part of the keyboard.
    Just giving heads up for people who try it.

  3. @David

    Thanks for the heads up. We took care of that. It should work now with both.

  4. I am loving the 1-click shortcut! :-)

  5. Glad to hear it! :)

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  7. I had stopped using the 1-Click feature because I got tired of turning it on all the time. But since you posted this post, I’ve been using it a lot more ’cause I can turn it on so easily!

  8. @David
    That’s great. This is just a shortcut, we’ll try and make it more intuitive soon too.


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  10. How about short cut for fill in the password and username on same website when there is a dialog box appeared on the front of website, asking you to click on which one of three usernames of same website? (That is when the 1 click auto login is switched on.)

    e.g. I got three usernames & passwords on google accounts. I keep click on which of those. It would be great to do keyboard shortcut instead!

  11. @Tom
    Interesting. Let me just make sure I understand…

    You mean that you would like a keyboard shortcut to essentially skip this screen during 1 click login?

  12. You guys rock! Thanks – Passpack is exactly what I was looking for.

  13. Andre Moreno

    Global tag replace “r” key quit working. Any Reason?

    Also is it possible to incorporate the cheat sheet for hidden shortcuts into a dropdown or even tuck it in some unused bit of screen real estate?

  14. @Andre – Will have support check into it. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. daniromano

    @Andre – this is Dani from customer support – we temporarily deactivated it due to a bug. We’re working on it and will reinstate the shortcut soon enough, although I do not have a precise date, sorry!

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