Email for Emergency Support Only

With the Beta5 release, PassPack started requiring an email. Users didn’t like this, so we’ve made a change (yes, we listen).

It is no longer required that you associate an email with your PassPack account.

We had originally introduced this requirement based on our lawyer’s advice. We’ve never liked it though, and after further investigation, we’re happy to discover our lawyer was wrong.

The bright side: Previous to the Beta5 release, users in need of emergency support had to provide their Client Code to verify that they were the proper account holder. But (alas) folks who lose their password, tend to lose their Client Code too. Having an email is a valid alternative to the Client Code, and much harder to lose.

We will no longer be assigning Client Codes, and email is optional but necessary for emergency support.

  • PassPack UsersIf you want to be able to access emergency support, then set up and confirm an email in your account.
  • If you feel that you won’t ever need emergency support, then you don’t need to provide an email.

The email on the sign up page has been optional for a few weeks now. Soon you’ll also have the ability to remove your email from inside your account.

More Features for Thought

There are a handful of new features that we’re incubating which would benefit from having an email but, as always, we’ll introduce these as optional items to be turned on if and when you want.

I’m sure you all have a lot of questions, so ask away.

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2 responses to “Email for Emergency Support Only

  1. Thank you guys soooo much for doing this. This was of the main reasons I was drawn to PassPack in the first place. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank YOU Patrick for sticking with us. We do our best.


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