Get Upgraded Free (for now)

We’ll be releasing the paid upgrades on PassPack accounts which will offer more space and more features. But, as of today, if you need more space – you can have it.

Here’s how it works:
1. You get a bigger account.
2. That’s free until we release the commercial package.
3. We finish the commercial package and you choose to start payments on your bigger account –OR– to downgrade back to the free account.

Many of you have already written in asking for more space. There were so many of you, especially after introducing Roboform imports, that we started pre-upgrading people. Now we’re just going to open up this option for everyone, it’s only fair.

How Much?

The commercial package will cost about €2 month, will start at about $10/year will start at €10/year.

Update Nov. 18: The commercial package will also contain some extra features, though we’re not disclosing what those are yet. No matter what – you’ll absolutely, positively be able to downgrade when the time comes if you feel the package isn’t what you’re looking for. Keep leaving comments folks – we’re listening.

Update Dec. 19: Given all the feedback we’ve received, we’re reworking all the pricing. This is tentative, but there should be a $10 year option which simply adds more space. Keep the feedback coming – we love it!

Update July. 9:We’ve finally settled on a price: €10/year.

How do I get the Upgrade?

If you reach the limit, PassPack will automatically popup and ask you if you want to upgrade.

Wow! You have a lot of passwords.
Press the Yes! button if you’re interested.
Click the No thanks link if you’re not.

You only see this popup once you are already over the limit on the free account. So if you say no, you’ll need to delete some entries in order to save your Pack – there is an estimate in the popup that will tell you how many entries (approximately) you’ll need to delete.

That’s it — fire away with your questions and comments.

Click here to Sign Up Now!

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42 responses to “Get Upgraded Free (for now)

  1. Shaurya Anand

    Only if I had the time to replete my account with a hundred fake passwords and avail your generosity. But hey, thanks! :)

    Btw, this is my return:

  2. Hi Shaurya,
    Yes, well if you don’t need it then, well, there’s no need. :)

    Most people who run into this problem use import from some other program, so they’ve already accumulated a ton of passwords.


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  4. Passworder

    Don’t you feel $3 is too expensive? How about US$10 / year?

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  6. @Passworder
    We plan on offering additional services as well. Not just the extra storage. But we’ll certainly keep in mind your suggestions.

    Any one else feel €2/month is too expensive?
    Anyone feel it’s fair?

  7. I absolutely love PassPack, but… I think it’s a little too expensive as well. =)

  8. @Veronica
    The premium account will contain more features as well – not just a larger capacity account.

    We’re not disclosing these features yet, but we think they justify the slightly higher price.

    Looking over the post, that isn’t really clear. I’m going to add a note now.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Tara,

    No one will be able to tell for sure if the $3.00 (US) per month is to expensive or not until the complete feature set has been released. But for just a plain password keeper, it is a bit much. $10.00-$12.00 a year would be more reasonable.

  10. I agree that $3/month seems a little steep, even if there are extra features. A yearly plan in the $10-15 range would be much more attractive to me.

  11. @Ronnie,@Diwaker
    Thanks for the feedback. :)

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  13. well, you could offer flexible subscriptions, price X for storage only, price Y for storage & services

    personally, I only need the space, FF extension and that security hole plugged in(easy to snatch login info since the login form is filled and submitted the same way the built-in pass mngr).

    Secure Login addon & master password’s a better solution if you’re concerned ’bout security.

  14. @lmjabreu
    On pricing: sure, that’s a possibility. We’ll consider that.

    On a security hole: sorry – do you mean a security hole in Firefox? I wasn’t able to understand what you meant here. Can you explain again? Thanks.


  15. @Tara, ‘you got mail’ lol

  16. Passpacker

    Yeah 3 bones a month ain’t gonna happen. Love the product though.

  17. if the new version has iPhone support, I will pay

  18. Is there any possibility we would get to try out the new features before they become commercially available? Random thought, but maybe you could partner with ‘trialpay,’ your product might work nicely with their service. For a good product, like PassPack, I would pay the money to support your operations.
    thanks! –DarkAlly

  19. @DarkAlly
    Thanks. Yes, we’ll offer a free trial period.

    RE: trialpay – that’s nifty, I’ll check it out.


  20. Your Happy User

    Hi Tara. $3/month is *really* expensive for an online password manager (even with some new features).

    You can compare your price to Google Apps Premier Edition. For *only* $50/year, Google will give us Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Page Creator and Start Page. They also gives 25GB/account.

    I love your service and will be very happy to pay but you must rethink your price strategy. $10/year is a *very* good and rational price.

    Please, rethink your price strategy. If you do it carelessly, it will harm your business and you’ll open the door for Clipperz to take over some of your customers.

    Sorry for the advice. I just want to share my ideas. I *really* love your service.


  21. @Happy User
    No need to apologize at all for the advice – I’m glad that you like PassPack enough to have these concerns.

    We’re listening closely. No worries.

  22. I like passpack and believe its currently the best option out there. I require the larger space as I have roughly 180 passwords. On the pricing, I would not pay 24 Euro per year and would revert to using roboform again on a usb stick (which I have aready paid for). I would pay a maximum of 10 Euro per year or 1 Euro per month. I also believe this would be the best price point to secure your position against competiters and maximise your subscriptions. Thanks and great work guys!

  23. You service looks great for places like work that lock the computer. $10 a year would be good. Or even a multi year plan. I would also love a roboform like plug in for home so the service would be easier to use. ie not have to have a window open all the time after login.

  24. Just found this today – am absolutely loving it. I’m more than happy to pay $3/month for it. Awesome work guys!!

  25. RoboForm Options

    I am looking because I have 600+ passwords to manage, own 5 licenses for RoboForm and need more… Lost a USB key and it’s a hassle to get another setup.

    19.95 US per year is a fair price for this app. (Like someone pointed out what $50 buys with Google)

    I will consider switching after a test but the price is a deal killer.

    Also ongoing outside verification of the apps security vulnerability will be a factor that must be weighed and outside assurance that PassPack has protections in place that eliminate internal malware being inserted by rogue or malicious emplyees.

  26. +1 for all $10 suggestions. I cannot “afford” to buy more than $10/year. It looks like i need to move to clipperz.

  27. @dude, @sky, @RoboForm Options
    Given all the feedback we’ve received, we’re reworking all the pricing.

    This is tentative, but with the new pricing table, there should be a 10/year option which simply adds more space.

    updating post with this info

    Thanks, glad to hear it.

    Don’t run off so fast, we’ll have a solution for you. :) Once you put your passwords in Clipperz, getting them out again is painful – no export.

  28. It will definitely require more information about extra features to warrant more than $10/year. I might be able to talk the $10/yr out of my wife and into our budget :-) But I’d like to see multiple-simultaneous account logons (a personal and work one, for example, in the same browser) and several other cool features to make it worthwhile to pay. Although, at over 80 passwords already, the $10/yr for space plan sounds like a good start that I may need by the time you offer it!

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  31. I’d be more than willing to pay $3/mo (or even a bit more) to use your service on a monthly basis. So long as the server(s) stay online and I’m able to securely access my passwords from anywhere.

    Something you might consider as a Pro feature might be remote backups with S3 or another off-site service. With restore features available on-the-fly by paid customers as well. Just a thought. :)

    Enterprise-grade customers would love to use a service like this- but need to be assured that it’s reliable and their data is being backed up using a method they can access on-the-fly.

    A desktop client for Mac and PC (Not Google Gears) that can read the Passpack backup format would be good as well. So that you don’t have to print off all the passwords in plain text as a backup. Just another thought. :)

    Best of luck!

  32. @Alexander McMillen
    Thanks – all fabulous suggestions!

  33. I would only pay 10 dls a year for the password manager service. TOPS.

    I am sure that many many others feel the same way about it.

    Please keep it low:)

  34. @Tener

    We’ll keep it as low as possible, but our prices are going to have to be in Euro – the US Dollar price will fluctuate depending on the exchange rate… which just keeps going down.

    We’re looking at an introductory price of 10 euros per year. A few months ago that was 12/13 dollars, now it’s 15.

    We’re doing the best we can. Cheers!

  35. I hate when this happens to companies; they start out well, with excellent ideas. As the software gets more popular, then they start charging, then they start adding more and more paid features (ignoring the free users), then they become entirely paid, with a “30 day free trial”.

    By then, the company is bought by a multinational and the service or software becomes not a product designed to help the population, but instead a means to make money.

    Don’t believe me? Take Skype, CoverFlow, and Hotmail as an example.

    I was starting to get hopeful with Passpack…

  36. @Jack R.
    While I can understand your concerns, I have to draw a hard line here:

    Passpack has NO plans of ignoring our free users. Actually, we expect them to make up 97% of our userbase — no company in their right mind would ignore 97% of their users.

    Thats our business model. We’ve recently been funded based on that model and trust me – my investors wouldn’t the rules getting changed post-investment. We’re in this for the long haul.

    Running a high security business like Passpack requires income. We don’t plan on milking that out of anyone, rather we prefer to earn it by offering specific things to specific people via (optional) paid packages.

  37. Guillermo

    Are there any plans for a “dead man switch”? A way to share my account only if something happens to me? I have absolutely all my banking, communication, work, etc information online…all in sites with passwords. i take care of everything so all is well…but if something did happen to me I would want somebody in my family to have access to all this information..but just in that case….any ideas for a feature that could take care of this safely?
    That and more space would be what I would be willing to pay for. I currently user roboform…its paid for and has lasted several years, so its cheap…but its local…i dont like the complexity that involves backing it up (not for me…for the dead man switch sitation).
    anyway…thats my question.

  38. Hi Guillermo,
    Honestly I’ve never thought of “dead man switch” – interesting. I’ll add it to the suggested features list here and talk about it with the developers.

    In the meantime, you could try and print out a copy of your credentials (Account > Print Credentials) and keep it stored with your will or in a safe deposit box if you have one.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  39. Guillermo

    printing and saving in a vault is not practical for 2 reasons…i live in a different continent than the rest of my family….and my passwords a changed constantly and i am adding new sites continuosly. Right now I solve it by emailing the roboform files to a couple of members of my family about once every month or two…but they dont know how to install it…i leave instructions but i know it would be complicated if need be it.
    A dead man switch solution using technology would work better…something like a combination between two things
    1) if the remaining family member requests access you ask him a question only that person would have know (like password retrieval systems)
    2) you try to contact the account owner through a couple of methods (maybe email and sms) and you contact the owner continuously for a few days (determined by the owner)…the messages include a STOP access code…if the member is “up and running” he cancels the access request by inserting the code..if he doesnt respond after X time…acess is opened to the family member that requested it. (they have to had had the unpacking key beforehand…but not the site key)..

    something like this…you have innovative solutions with your product, you can probably find a way to solve this too in a way that is simple and legal.

    thanks for you reply.

  40. @Guillermo
    Great ideas. Thanks. Like I said, it’s on the list now of possible future features, so all the input you can give us on how you’d expect it to work is very useful.


  41. Paul Reed

    Dead man’s switch?
    This is something which worries most people (over a certain age!) – me included.
    It is a big worry that if something should befall me, how would my family manage all the online stuff that I have set up over the years, not knowing the passwords, or where my interest remain?
    I think that Guillermo has hit on a very underlying concern, which has quietly crept up on today’s society, and his solution is worthy of very serious consideration.
    What other products in the market have currently addressed this concern? (None!)

  42. Hi Paul,
    Yes, I also think Guillermo struck an important chord. We are giving this some thought, but it’s in the very early brainstorming phase, a larval state if you will. I haven’t the slightest idea if/when we’ll proceed – but yes, very interesting (and needed!).

    Thanks for voting up the idea,

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