PassPack Improvements

Yesterday’s big news was the free-for-now upgrade to premium accounts. Today let’s have a look at the other improvements made to the PassPack Beta 5.39.3 release.

Email Removal

The interface is now available to those who would like to remove email association with their PassPack account. Just go to the Email section under your Account tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page to click the completely remove your email link (it’s small).

Please remember that we can not provide you with emergency support without an email. The choice is yours.


We made a few improvements to PassPack’s ability to read less than perfect CSV files, as well as fixed a bug which effected the “skip header row” check box.

Should you have any problems importing into PassPack, just contact us for some help (don’t send your CSV files please).

Tag Clouds and Lists

PassPack remembers your preferences for viewing your tags as a cloud or a list. It’s pretty neat.

Some Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed some bugs in loading libraries (some folks were getting loading screens that wouldn’t load). Also, brand new users were having to press their Save my Pack button twice to get it to save as it was refusing to do it the first time around. Now fixed.

Browser Compatibility

Due to the ever-changing nature of browsers, we’ve had improved performance in some cases, and more buggy results in others. I’m preparing a post that’ll should give you a compatibility snapshot.

The super short version is: the Safari 3 newest release works with 1 Click Login while the beta 9.50 release of Opera doesn’t work at all (we’re pretty sure this will get fixed – please use the 9.24 stable version until then).

Cheers to all! Have a great weekend.

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