Call for Mobile Beta Testers

PassPack is testing it’s mobile version! If you would like to become a private beta alpha tester – now is your chance. Update: Testing currently closed.

Coming SoonInterested?

If you have an iPhone, a mobile with Opera or some other device with a fully working browser send me an email at

Please include details on the device and browser you will be using for testing. Your name and some pleasantries would be nice too [smile].

* For those of you who have already contacted me, you’ll receive an email over the next few days.

(happy turkey day, by the way, to folks in the US)

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9 responses to “Call for Mobile Beta Testers

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  2. what about Blackberry browser?
    unfortunately Opera Mini on BB does not use the blackberry APN and therefore it is so expensive.

    what about the Opera Mini simulator?

  3. @Deltapi
    Please send me an email and we’ll work it out.

  4. Tara,

    Hadn’t heard back on this one, if there isn’t room for me in the test I understand, just hadn’t heard.


    P.S. Running an iPhone

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  6. Tara,
    I would be highly interested in looking at a mobile version. I use Opera Mini on a BB which is as close to a full browser as I can get and it handles most things well.

  7. Jean Jeudy

    Will we be seeing a native iPhone app anytime soon? There are other apps, but I think PassPack would be the best

  8. @Jean Jeudy
    Thanks. We ran into issue while testing the connection edge. Development got put off until after the Beta 6 release… which is now. So a mobile version up next on the list.

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