How to Confirm Your Email

When you sign up for PassPack, you can elect to insert your email address (optional). Here’s how to proceed once you receive the email with the confirmation number.

Suppling or confirming your email is optional. You only need to do so if you would like to us to provide you with support. Your PassPack account will work either way.

First, Sign in to your PassPack account. You’ll need your User ID, Pass and Packing Key – all three of which you chose yourself when you signed up. You do not need your confirmation number, email or Client Code.

Once you’re signed in, follow these three steps:

Email Confirmation Screen
  1. There are a few tabs to your right, one says Account. Click that..
  2. Locate the Email Confirmation link (it should have a slightly yellow background) and click that too.
  3. Insert the confirmation code (the one you received via email) into the field and press the Confirm button.

All done. You have now confirmed your email address and have full access to email support. Let me know if you need help with anything, and welcome to PassPack!

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