PassPack Powering Up

I know, I know – it’s too long since I gave you folks an update. Here’s the speed version of what’s up here at PassPack:

* Incorporated? Yup, we’re official
* Beta 6? Yup, coming
* Pricing? Lowered
* Mobile? Ouch, hurts, but it’ll happen
* What else? Globe trotting and more


)Shortly after the one year anniversary of PassPack’s official launch, Francesco and I have buckled down and officially incorporated the business: PassPack Srl (“Srl” is Italian for “Inc.”). This takes us one step closer to getting the commercial version rolled out. Next step, hiring and finding a decent office.

Prior to this, we were running as a spin off of Katytid, which I’ve now closed to dedicate full time to PassPack.

Beta 6

After a pause in development, we’ve gone back to slaving away on a Beta 6 release. There is an enormous to-do list for improvements born out of your suggestions, as well as a few items which have been pushed back from the Beta 5 and preparation for the commercial release.

More on Beta 6 in the coming weeks.


A huge thank you to everyone who spoke up about the pricing on future packages. You said the price was too high, and we heard you. The first tier upgrade will fall into the $10-12/year range. This lower cost package will be put out there for those who mostly want more space.

Just a reminder, you can still upgrade free-for-now.


For all of you who have written in inquiring about the call for mobile testers, I’ll be in contact shortly. For now though, we’ve closed the call.PassPack Mobile Testing

I have a public apology to make: I really dropped the ball on the previous round of Mobile Testing. The tests got canned. Now, that can happen, sure, but I apparently did not inform the beta testers – who so kindly volunteered their time – of this fact. I could try and blame it on Thunderbird and that tricky Drafts folder, but that would be a cop out. It’s my fault and I apologize.

Email & Globe-trotting

Some of you may know, I recently got back from a trip to San Francisco. Not much time for relaxing there, but I did get to drop by the MacExpo where I met the founders of MailTank. It looks like a possible scalable solution for my email woes. I’m testing it now.

Strap in and get ready – lots of exciting changes are coming.

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6 responses to “PassPack Powering Up

  1. Tara,

    Looks like things are moving along very nicely! I’m so glad to hear it!

    I like the new pricing plan! I don’t need the extra space (currently), but will I be able to sign up anyway? I’m sure I’ll need the extra space at some point in the future, but I mostly want to show my support!


  2. Hi Ronnie,
    Thanks! Appreciate that. Sure, once the plans are out, you can sign up for whichever you’d like.

    Or you can just wait until you need it. :)

  3. Brian Batchelder

    I’m looking forward to the iPhone version. When you get the testing started, feel free to contact me.

  4. @Brian Batchelder
    Will do – thanks!

  5. We are finally getting the iPhone here in Sweden on July 11, so I do hope you are progressing on you iPhone Passpack client. Sounds like a great combo to me, love Passpack!

  6. @Henrik
    I would love to say that’d happen…. but I can’t. What I *can* promise that we’ll work our tails off to make it work as soon as humanly possible.

    It’s coming out in Italy soon too [wink]


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