PassPack in Wired on E-Voting

Yesterday Nicole Martinelli from Wired contacted me for input on e-voting. Nicole, like me, is a US expat in Italy and knows how frustrating casting ballots from abroad can be. Is e-voting the solution?


Nicole does a great job covering the topic, from the personal “What’s an expat to do?” to security issues. PassPack’s very own Francesco offered his perspective on the system.

“For electronic voting to become reliable, you’d need other types of verification,” said Francesco Sullo […] “For instance, a private, personal key not generated by the same system that collects the vote. You’ve got to be able to be sure it was really me, and not my neighbor, voting.”

E-Voting has to overcome a lot of the same macro-issues as we do here: trust, privacy, security and data integrity. For those interested in seeing how they put their system together, have a look at this (alas, not so sophisticated) introductory video.

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