Administer and Share Passwords Between Accounts

Red BulletHow can a small business owner administer passwords to employees without giving up control?

Red BulletHow can professionals safely share login information when collaborating on a project?

Red BulletWhat to do when your spouse needs access to the electric company login?

Answer: Secure Sharing.

PassPack Secure Sharing


With Secure Sharing you will be able to give access to trusted friends, family or colleagues. Here are some key points:

You can share without giving out your Packing Key.

You can pick and choose which entries you’d like to share and with whom.

You can decide if others can just read those entries, or if they can make changes too.

You can revoke sharing privileges at any time, maintaining full control.

You can set up groups of entries to share with groups of people.

You don’t need to sync anything, and you can choose to override any changes others make.

PassPack is based on what’s called the Host-Proof Hosting pattern. That means that not even PassPack staff is able to see what you folks are storing on our servers. Your passwords are for your eyes only.

With Secure Sharing – PassPack still can’t see your passwords and they can not be intercepted during sharing.

So while collaboration in a “regular” web application is a bit of a no-brainer, with PassPack it’s a complicated encryption process called Shared Host-Proof Hosting (US patent pending).

This has been in the pipeline from day one, though we only introduced the concept for the first time at RomagnaCamp to a group of our peers.

The upcoming Beta 6 release will pave the road for Secure Sharing.

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18 responses to “Administer and Share Passwords Between Accounts

  1. Hmmm…no one’s mentioned how much this rocks! yet…must be because the post is so new! I can think of plenty of applications for this…bring it on! No wonder you seem confident in lowering your projected pricing for extra space; you’ve got some slick extra features hiding in the corner that you’re going to charge the “big bucks” for :-)

  2. Thanks David! Glad you like it!

    We’ve been mulling this over for some time. That said, “big bucks” sounds kinda scary… Let’s say “a perfectly reasonable rate” — and no, I don’t know for sure what that rate is yet. :)

    Cheers to you,

  3. This seems like an outstanding idea. I am testing it out now but I feel that if a bit more “information” was given to the users about how this whole process works, people would feel much more secure.

  4. @srcasm
    Hello there. Thanks, we haven’t released the sharing feature yet, so I’m assuming you’re just testing PassPack for the first time? :)

    There’s lots of general info on this blog about how it works. But yes, we need to prepare some more technical docs (working on it).

    Do you have any specific questions?

  5. Tara, We’re so glad that our suggestion for multiple users has found a place with PassPack.

    This is an amazing product that I’ve been testing as a single user and hope to try with multiple users in the future.

    So far I can’t say enough about the ease, use and security of PassPack…let us know when the secured sharing version is up.

  6. @Shad
    Yup, we’ll definitely let you know how things proceed.

    It’s not going to be an immediate release, but it’s (finally) at the point we feel comfortable announcing it publicly.

    Cheers to you, and thanks for the feedback.


  7. Well, “big bucks” was in quotation marks for a reason. If I meant it literally, I wouldn’t have used them…I’m a bit of a fan of the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks in that I love to get ticked off by the people who can’t use them correctly (so I try not to be hypocritical) :-)

    That said, still looking forward to it, especially at a reasonable rate!

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  9. David, you make me :)

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  12. this rocks :)
    please keep it free

  13. @Tom,
    The free account will include sharing. :)

  14. “The free account will include sharing. :)”

    Thanks Tara. We really appreciate it.

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