Beta 6: A Bridge to “Better”

Here at PassPack, we have a vision and a plan. But better yet, we have your feedback.

The Beta 6 is a bridge version – between PassPack now, and PassPack exactly the way you want it.

A Bridge to “Better”The Beta 6 version is laying the groundwork for some very important changes, like sharing, being able to accept OpenID (both tricky in Host-Proof Hosting) and even getting that pesky Mobile version to work.

So here’s the list of things you folks have asked us for:
  • OpenID integration
  • Mobile version
  • Sharing
  • Two factor authentication
  • Password reminders
  • Automatically Save
  • Custom fields (maybe)
  • More search options
  • Offline version syncing
  • Easier sign up
  • Easier to 1 Click Login
  • Easier to access tags
  • Easier to get help
  • Browser buttons, etc.

Is all this coming in Beta 6? No, no, no. A couple of things maybe.

All in all, we’ve realized that some changes to the underlying structure are needed to make everything all happen. So that’s what’s we’re doing. That’s Beta 6 – it’s the groundwork.

So… any suggestions for us while we’re at it?

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19 responses to “Beta 6: A Bridge to “Better”

  1. I hope that openid entries will allow more than a login URL.

    I have already such a need because, for example, I use the same gmail account among a wide list of services, each on a different base url.

    for example a gmail account can be used for, and

  2. Hi Deltapi,

    We plan to accept OpenID in lieu of the User Id/Pass combination while logging in to PassPack.

    I think what you are talking about is having a different type of Entry for single-sign-on type logins (ex. google, yahoo, openid).

    The answer to both is, yes: we’ll be doing both.

    Did I answer your question? Not quite sure…

  3. Great job thus far. I know that the mobile app would be greatly helpful to me as well as offline version syncing and custom field (possibly). Keep up the great job!

  4. Some ideas:
    -Import capability from Keepass
    -Java version that can work with Nokia and other mobiles

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  6. @srcasm
    Thanks! We’ll keep at it.

    Yes, we’ll be looking to the open source community for help with those. We’re working on the APIs so that can all happen.

    On Open Source, we’ve been wanting to get a small developer’s center going. So once we get that up and running, things will likely go much faster.

  7. Hello PassPack gurus,

    I sent the following email but haven’t heard from you. Figured I’d post here to get your attention.

    Currently, we need to login via, enable auto-login, and keep the tab/window open in order to use one-click login. That is very inconvenient and far from being “one-click”. Would it
    be possible for PassPack to prompt the user for the Unpack key once per browser session when the “PassPack It!” button is clicked for the first time, and not require a PassPack window to be opened and kept open.

    See for how they handle a master password that can be configured to be asked for once per browser session and
    stored in memory. I also like the option to store the master password on disk so the user is never prompted for it. I realize that is less secure, but it’s only an option for people who choose to sacrifice security for convenience.

    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I think could use some work on the design. The “Sign In” link is extremely small and easy to miss. The “News” link to this blog is also extremely easy to miss as it doesn’t look like a link at all.

  8. @Tummblr
    :) Thanks, attention grabbed — I’m spending the morning catching up on the too many emails stuck in my inbox.

    1 Click Login
    The only way to achieve what you are asking for is to release a full-fledged browser plugin. this would make things more convenient for you, without sacrificing security. We have this in the plans, but it’s not released yet.

    Even then, bookmarklet will continue to work the way it does now. It will always be available for when you are on the road and away from your computer with the plugin installed.

    Yup, a redesign is in the works. It’ll probably be out with the Beta 6.

    The sign in link is small to try an encourage people to bookmark the sign in page itself, instead of going through the homepage… that didn’t work, they still go through the home page so we’ll probably switch it back to a large link.


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  11. @Tara (feb. 14)-
    There are two questions here perhaps, first will PP accept other login forms like google or yahoo, and also if you can associate more than one OpenID with your account?

    What it means is if you have 3 OpenIDs like and or you can associate all of them with your account. This has become pretty standard in OpenID authentication, which leads me to hope it will be available in PP as well ;)

  12. @tom
    RE: “..can associate more than one OpenID with your account?”

    That’s not a bad idea. I’ll look into it. Thanks!!

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  14. Hi,

    If possible, an easier way to login will be great (without compromising security).

    Thank you.

    Oh, and more storage space for the free accounts..

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  17. “We plan to accept OpenID in lieu of the User Id/Pass combination while logging in to PassPack.”
    Hopefully this feature is still planned? It is not absolutely required, but would be convenient in many cases. Also, it opens Passpack to immediate compatibility with other authentication mechanisms such as secure certificates or telephone based, which are offered by some OpenID providers.

  18. @Tom – Yes, OpenID is still very much on the road map.

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