Wonky Blog?

Sorry folks, we’re having some intermittent problems with the blog. We’ve heard that various people across the globe have been having problems with wordpress.com blogs over the last couple of days.

I have faith the WordPress team will get it all fixed as soon as they can. In the meantime the PassPack blog may look wonky from time to time.

The PassPack website, and application are just fine.


2 responses to “Wonky Blog?

  1. Ferdinand

    Come on,
    you a offer a well done webservice, have a well done website, but don’t run a WP blog on your own domain?

    This sounds not very proffessional.

  2. :) Yes, Ferdinand.

    We love wordpress.com. Someday I suppose we may have to move to hosting our own blog, but until now I’ve always enjoyed having one less thing to worry about.

    No qualms about using third party services as long as they work well.


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