Check Passwords off the To-Do List

Always looking for a new way to de-clutter your workspace? Password managers can help you kill two birds with one stone.

Traditional methods of keeping lists and writing things down will always remain tried and true but all too often, fail the real test of time (-saving).

With PassPack, you can get organized, login to websites faster, be more secure and GET THINGS DONE!
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Organization! Organization! Organization!

Simply put: password managers help organize all of your accounts, safely storing them in one place so you never have to go searching through drawers or papers every time you want to login or sign up for a new account.

Here’s the best part – you only have to remember ONE Pass (phrase) and ONE Packing Key to access it. Your memory will thank you.

Once in your PassPack account, you’ve got all your passwords alphabetized and all your account needs with a touch of a click… 1 Click to be precise.

1 Click Login

So you’ve got your passwords saved in one neat little place but what happens when you come cross a site that you want to login to while browsing? PassPack has made this easier than you may think.

Just activate your auto login and from then on, any account info and password stored in PassPack can be used by just clicking your PassPack It! button.

And you can keep doing this with every other account you have stored.

How much time will this save you? A lot.

Password Generator

Now you may be thinking…“Well I still have to go through all of the trouble of creating passwords”. You don’t. PassPack offers a password generator which creates unique passwords for each of your accounts.

Password Generator

Click to choose the letter/number/capital/symbol combination to meet the website’s password requirements. Now that’s easy.


A secure password manager may not de-clutter your work space but it will surely de-clutter your mind of unnecessary worries.

PassPack offers host-proof hosting sending only encrypted (on your own browser) data to the server. So you don’t need to worry about any of your sensitive data getting into the ‘wrong hands’, giving you peace of mind while browsing your accounts.

So throw your pen and paper away, sign up for a free PassPack account and start browsing!

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Thanks to Louise for writing this article – Welcome aboard!


2 responses to “Check Passwords off the To-Do List

  1. Keep up the great work guys. And also, I wanted to just thrown out there that you can turn on 1-Click login by holding “Z” and pressing the number 1 after you login. Safes a few seconds of messing around in the browser.

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