PassPack: Webware 2008 Finalist

PassPack is a proud “Security & Utilities” finalist, selected by Webware editors.

I Voted for the 2008 Webware 100“From a list of thousands of nominees, Webware editors selected 300 finalists for the Webware 100 Awards. The final voice is yours.”

Cast your vote here
(we’re about half way down the page)

4 responses to “PassPack: Webware 2008 Finalist

  1. Secure and simply to use. Well organized and fantastic the one-click-login function

  2. Again with the awesome services. I know that I’ve not only gone on and voted in the Utilities section (where you guys are) but in the other sections as well which include video, publishing and more… Always good to keep our favorite services in the lime light.

  3. @Mauro – Thanks!

    @srcasm – I completely agree. It took me about a half hour to go through and vote for all of my favorite apps in all the sections… it was hard to CHOOSE.


  4. voted!!

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