Thoughts on Beta 6 “Lazy Loading”

One of the new Beta 6 features is the ability to set up favorites. Here’s how we’re thinking of implementing it – feedback is welcome.

StarA recap: You can star your most used entries to get at them faster. If you’d like, you can choose to load just your starred items when you startup PassPack everyday.

We were asked if – and how – this “lazy loading” of non-favorites would affect 1 Click Login for those non-preloaded sites.

Well, what we’re thinking about is organizing things by patterns (or is macros a better word?). Things will work exactly the way they do now, plus you will also have the option to choose “What happens as soon as I sign in.”

The assumption here is that most people won’t need these features and probably don’t know or care that they exist. Those who do need these features, will take a brief moment to choose an option in their settings.

So what do we mean by a pattern? Here are three examples:

When I sign in, load just my favorites, automatically turn on 1 Click Login and lazy load the rest of my entries in the background.

When I sign in, load all my entries at once and automatically turn on 1 Click Login.

When I sign in, load my favorites and do nothing else.

    I’m sure there are numerous patterns that would be useful, so tell us what you’d like to see as a start-up option in your account.

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    3 responses to “Thoughts on Beta 6 “Lazy Loading”

    1. The first pattern rocks for me! There are several other variations that might be useful:

      – load favorites immediately, lazy load rest, do not enable one click
      – just load favorites and enable one click login. for the rest, just load on demand

    2. I’ll take number one, please. And sometimes both of Diwaker’s suggestions. That’s probably about all I’d use on a regular basis, unless I could get away with something even less memory/processor intensive in some cases. Or, from my Nokia N800 I’d probably do as little as possible.

      Could each pattern be remembered on a per-computer basis using a cookie or something?

    3. @Diwaker
      Thanks – good suggestions.

      I agree, number one is my favorite too. On loading a different set on your mobile… well, lets say that’s top of mind in setting this up ;)

      Any more patterns come to mind?

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