PassPack Customer Support

As PassPack grows, so do the number of requests for help and information. So we’re finally bucking down to get a support area set up for you.

Helping Yourself

Until now, we’ve used this blog to publish support articles, but it’s just not easy enough to find things. Step one, we’ve moved the “Blog Menu” up a bit so it’s closer to the top of the page, we’ll start using the wordpress tags to shorten that navigation menu (patience grasshoppers).

Step two – we’ll be implementing a proper knowledge base. At first, we’ll simply be moving the articles from here to there. Then, little by little, we’ll break things down into a simpler Q&A directory format. We’ll connect this up to the “help” button in your PassPack account the way this blog is now.

Helping Each Other

There are a number of users who have been very helpful in helping others, we’d like to give them a place to do just that. Again, this blog has been a substitute for a user forum as well, so – we’re thinking about (maybe) adding a user forum as well.

Contacting PassPack Support

Instead of having to open your email program to write support (as is the case right now), you’ll be able to use a web-based form to make requests, suggestions, give feedback or whatever else you please.

The support request forms will be tied into the knowledge base, so that you can immediately get answers to the most common questions. This should make things go more quickly for you, as well as keep our reply time down.

One step at a time, we’re trying to make things easier for you. Suggestions are welcome.

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6 responses to “PassPack Customer Support

  1. A user forum would be great.
    I hate blogs!!

  2. I’d love to see a user forum!

  3. @Reedy, @Nags
    Ok :) That’s two votes for the user forum.


  4. A user forum is always helpful. In addition, the support area would be great but please make sure that I can actually track my ticket online as well. I am not a big fan of support areas that only let me submit a ticket.

    The ability to see my past issues, responses as well as the ability for PassPack to use it to build a knowledge base is very helpful.

  5. I’d like to suggest/recommend HelpSpot for support request tracking and forums/knowledgebook functions. This is based on our excellent experience with that software for our in-house helpdesk. I know other public site use them, I believe Twitter uses them even. It can be used for internal support and/or external support, and can be customized to most industries, and it has an excellent feature-rich API. And it’s not expensive.

    Use what works best for you, but take a look and tell Ian (the guy behind UserScape/HelpSpot) that I recommended him to you :-)

  6. @srcasm
    Yes, ticket tracking in part of the plan.

    Thanks! I actually came to that conclusion after months of searching high and low – it looks like a great software. I was still a little on the fence, but your vote of confidence has fully convinced me.

    Ian should be very happy for customers like you, I’ll let
    him know for sure. :)


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