Password Meter Mania

Seems everyone has been talking about password meters lately. And word is spreading that a password like ‘thomas123’ just might not fit the bill anymore.

Great – but what does make a strong password? A combination of number/letter/uppercase/lowercase/ symbol works just fine but that doesn’t mean ‘1Thomas2’ can now substitute your old password.

The idea is to be creative and that is exactly what password meters are trying to promote. Creativity coupled with password length almost always ensures strength and a high quality rating.

Question: what do you do once you’ve got yourself a unique, unforgettable, un-guessable password?

Answer: create more – one per website in fact.

Once you make a strong password, the natural urge is to reuse it – but that entirely defeats the purpose. You certainly wouldn’t use one key to enter into your house, car, gym locker, safe deposit box etc. So why reuse passwords across websites?

Thanks to Meter Man for diffusing password awareness! You’ve saved some men named Thomas a lot of hassle [wink].

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