Monday Updates

Just a quick post while we toil away here on the Beta 6. Here’s a few links for those of you who’d like to keep up on PassPack news and/or follow us while we work:

Follow You Favorite Founders

Tara\'s Twitter AvatarI, Tara, am fretting over the interface and can be most often found on twitter. Follow me and get the play-by-play of what I’m working on.

Francesco's AvatarFrancesco is testing the secret sauce. He is most often found on his tumblog where he posts photos in some mysterious order, or occasionally on twitter.

PassPack\'s Twitter AvatarWe also maintain a slightly more formal PassPack News account on Twitter – just straightforward product announcements.

PassPack in the Google Gears Meme

The Google Operating System blog posted about PC world’s disappointment in lack of Google Gears apps, and replied with a list of the important applications that are using the Gears plugin. PassPack was mentioned for our offline version. We’ve been getting quite a bit of attention today as a result.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Logo (pink)This Italian financial newspaper gave front page space to password fatigue.

PassPack was featured in the call out box of password managers with a lovely color photo of our homepage (warms my heart!).

That’s it for today – see you all in twitterverse!

2 responses to “Monday Updates

  1. anon-for-this

    Tara is a woman? I thought before you were a man. Sorry.

    Is Francesco your husband? Just wondering. It will be a very good story for other spouses that would like to start their on startup company.

  2. @anon-for-this
    [big smile]

    Yes, I, Tara, am of the female sort. And Yes, Francesco and I are happily married PassPack co-founders.

    We worked together for four years before attempting a startup as a couple. So we are used to being attached at the hip 24/7. I know very few couples that can handle that. For us, it’s second nature.

    Cheers! Tara

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