Terms and Conditions Update

An error in the Terms and Conditions (TAC) was corrected – in your favor. Providing an email when registering for a PassPack account is entirely optional, yet the TAC was claiming it as mandatory.

This was incorrect. A working email is only needed in order to provide you with emergency support. We have corrected the error as follows:

(i) Email and Emergency Support. In order to receive emergency support, possibly including a Pass reset an account Rollback after a changed Packing Key or account deletion, the user must supply and confirm a working email to be associated with the account. Without a confirmed email, emergency support can not be supplied.

About Anonymous Email Addresses

If you would like to use an anonymous email service, that is fine. PassPack’s goal is not to identify you in the world – it is just to identify you as the proper account holder. Please feel free to use any working email you’d like. The important thing is that you are able to both send and receive emails from the address.

To request emergency support, you will need to send us an email from the address associated with your account. We will then reply to that address and expect you to be able to reply back to us again.

About Disposable Email Addresses

If you do not wish to associate an email with PassPack at all, that is also fine. You are not required to. There is no need to provide a disposable email – you can simply not provide one at all. This is your choice.

When requesting emergency support, it is not enough to simply tell us what the email you provided was – you need to be able to actually use it. So disposable email address defeat the purpose.

How to Confirm Your Email

If you have not confirmed your email and would like to, see this post or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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