Webware 100 Winners – Congrats!

PassPack is proud and honored to have been chosen by Webware staff alongside those such as Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Skype and many others… all we can say is: wow.

The Webware 100 winners were finally announced today and though PassPack didn’t win, we are still pretty pleased that some of our favorites did! Good job guys. You deserve it.

We’re pretty busy here at PassPack, what with the new Beta 6 coming out and moving office and all, but we prepared a little speech for the real players – our users:

We’d really like to thank YOU because the truth is without our user’s support, feedback and trust we never would have gotten as far as we have. Thanks you guys.

It was a great turn out. And who knows what next year’s awards may bring? Cheers to all!


2 responses to “Webware 100 Winners – Congrats!

  1. Your User

    I don’t care about your loss. :-) You still the best tool i’ve ever use. I use passpack everyday. Thanks passpack.

    By the way, how could you change passpack.wordpress.com design extensively? Is it the free wordpress.com or did you buy their ‘Custom CSS’ product?

  2. Thanks to you!

    Yes, we use the sandbox theme and purchased the CSS upgrade for wordpress.com. This combination, and a lot of CSS elbow grease, make the blog look nearly identical to our website.

    Cheers! Tara

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