Want to Test PassPack Beta 6?

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new Beta 6 release? Here is your chance. Sorry, we’re all full already!

The comments and feedback that we got from the survey were great – they really helped us out a lot. To make Beta 6 as perfect as can be we’d love for some of you to actually test it. Show of hands?

Update May 1: The first list of testers is complete.
We may open back up later on, but for now we’ve stopped taking testers

How You’ve Helped Us Already

Your opinions really give us a sense of what user’s needs. Here are some of the changes you may notice – inspired by your feedback:

  • Speed Speed Speed – a lot of you mentioned you’d like to see PassPack go quicker. Beta6 will give you the option of 3 levels of encryption speed and setting up favorites – so you the choice is yours!
  • Tags – a good amount of users expressed how lonely the tags were all the way on the bottom, so we’ve moved them to the right – for your viewing convenience!
  • Email Field – Beta6 has a new email field so you can easily recognize what email is associated to your entry.

There are plenty of other changes too. All of the work especially the improvements to Beta 6 speed, is paving the way for a lot more stuff – including mobile accessibility as well the much requested – sharing. As soon as we are ready to release it – you will be the first to know. I promise!


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