PassPack’s Survey Results

Survey is closed and the results are in. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Thanks!

Here are some highlights of the survey results:

  • 234 of you replied!
  • Over 50% of you say that PassPack is easy to use! – 8% of you said a little difficult and luckily 0% found it all around difficult. Not to worry 8% – the new layout of Beta 6 may just do the trick
  • Speaking of layout…73% of you said the layout and the main page had just enough info. That’s important since it is ‘the main page’
  • Tags seems to be pretty popular with 79% of you using them.
  • Auto-login button is used by about 70% of you – 20% choose not to and…sniffle sniffle…about 4% want to use it but ‘don’t know how’ – so here’s how – now get clicking
  • Over 90% use the Account/Security/Tools tabs. That makes us happy and gives us a clear indication that you are taking advantage of all the fun stuff PassPack has to offer
  • The anti-phishing custom welcome message is a pretty popular item, with over 80% of you using it. Glad to see you guys practicing safe surfing

And the One That Put a Big Smile on Our Faces…

98% of you said that you would recommend PassPack!

Your feedback was so appreciated that we were thinking of giving you all free accounts…Oh wait! They are already free… [wink]


7 responses to “PassPack’s Survey Results

  1. You forgot 1 question which is desired price for Passpack.

    Please set the basic (basic feature) price for $20/year. $3/month is quite expensive for us. I don’t live in American and Europe. Please let us, poor people to take advantage of Passpack

  2. By the way, I knew about $10/year for the “no feature” version (only big space). I hope you can provide the one with more features at $20/year.

  3. Is it possible to choose which account to login while using 1 click login? For example: I have 2 paypal account (one for personal, one for business). Can I go to PayPal website and then click the 1 click login bookmarklet? Will Passpack ask the account to use? Does passpack automatically check for duplicate account and ask us to choose the account to login?

  4. @Ben
    You’re right – we missed that question.

    What kind of features would you expect in a $20/year version?

    Yes, Passpack will ask you to choose. Have a look at this article:

  5. how many people took part in the survey – normally you would quote this?

  6. @Martin,
    Looks like we missed that detail too — 234 people. I’ll update the post to include it.


  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Jake.

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