Beta 6 Public Preview

Hoorah! Passpack’s Beta 6 is ready to roll.

Beta 6 is going to officially launch in a few days, but until then, we wanted to let you folks at it first. If you would like to upgrade your account to Beta 6 now – you can do so here:
This will upgrade your account permanently.
[detailed info here]

If you’re just curious, but aren’t ready to commit until the official release date, you might want to make a new account in the Beta 6 preview just for playing around. You can import some entries so that you actually have something to play with [smile].

Quick Update: You need to reinstall your Passpack it! button in Beta 6.

Beta 6 Account \

What’s New in Beta 6

“Home” Tab
This is where you get to see your account status at a glance.

“Passwords” Tab
The password list we all know and love but… you can now add favorites, change the encryption levels if you so please, and you’ve got your tags placed handily on the right side of the list.

1 Click Login
Fast! Turn it on right from the top of your screen…. even better, set Passpack to turn it on for you automatically as soon as you login to your account (It’s a dream come true). Set it up under Settings > Startup Options.

We’ll be working up to the wire getting all the help materials completed, so you’ll surely come across a few “coming soon” links over the weekend. Any active links point to our quick n’ dirty Help FAQ.

More Help!
No more sending emails to get help, you can now open a support ticket online, and check on the status as well. This is step one towards getting that big beautiful help center complete. One baby step at a time…

Built for Speed
Despite the obvious stylistic changes, most of what was improved in Beta 6 is hidden from sight. A lot of optimization happened. Logging in on a daily basis should be quicker and less intrusive. Entries are unpacked “on demand” and saved one by one, greatly reducing lag time for packing and unpacking.

Known Issues
What can we say, the divide between Explorer 6 and the rest of the world is becoming gargantuan. Sorry Explorer 6 users, Passpack will work for you, but it’s just never going to be fast for you.

Also, the first time you upgrade your account, expect to wait. Passpack has a lot of work to do to update itself. Be patient.

Ok folks – enjoy! And please give us your feedback.

* June 2: About the Beta 5 & 6 compatibility.
Sorry, “This will upgrade your account permanently” apparently causes confusion. Let me expand.

Passpack separates your account (the container for your settings, preferences, etc) from your Pack (your encrypted data).

When you login to the Beta 6 preview, a new “Beta 6 pack” is made for you. Any entries you add, change or delete, will take effect here only. Your previous “Beta 5 pack” remains untouched. You can (as some discovered) actually login to Beta 5 again, but changes saved to your pack in Beta 6 are not there. On the contrary, everything you do to your account (welcome message settings, change login credentials, etc) will be reflected in both Beta 5 and Beta 6.

So why the “This will upgrade your account permanently” statement? Initially that was to read “This will create a second pack in Beta 6”. However, for fear that some folks would think they had two accounts and DELETE the Beta 6 preview one (which would effectively delete both [yikes!]), I changed the wording. Reading over it now, it really doesn’t convey what it was supposed to — my apologies for the confusion.


26 responses to “Beta 6 Public Preview

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  2. Man, I’ve been waiting for this…it looks fantastic. I’ve also been meaning to post about Passpack for quite some time and I finally did so this evening: One add’l thing: clicking save for changes I’ve made in beta 6 doesn’t appear to do anything so I’m currently unable to save any changes. Other than that, I’m loving the new features introduced and I think you all are doing an incredible job.

  3. Great design changes, everything is now more clear than in the previous version.

    I like the extra information on the home tab but would it be possible to go to the passwords tab directly on login?

    The icons next to the entry title is a great idea. Only show the information you need prevents peering eyes from seeing too much information.

    On the entry popup the ok button is colored like it is the default button but when i hit return nothing happens. Is this an action that is still in the works?

    I saw the notes text can be hidden. Is there a way to do this by default or per entry.
    Related to the hiding of the notes text, why not hide the user field for some items. There are logins where the username is private.

    Any way the Passpack 6 version beta looks very promising and is already a step forward, keep up the good work!

  4. I’ll definitely second David’s suggestion to enable the user to choose where he/she should be taken upon logging in. I definitely know I’d prefer to be taken directly to the passwords listing.

  5. @Jason,
    Nice review! I’m not able to recreate the the saving. I’ll contact you via email shortly.

    Thanks for the kudos. I’ll email you about the ok button separately.

    On hiding the notes field. If it’s empty, it’ll be “unhidden” by default. If it’s full, it’ll be hidden. The entry window will get some improvements in the future, so I’ll add your requests to the what-and-how-much discussion.

    RE: password tab — agreed that would be a good option. :)

  6. it’s wonderful.
    auto 1 click login? my dream came true.

  7. @Deltapi — Thank you! :)

  8. this is very, very exciting! im taking a deep breath to calm down since reading the news :D
    congrats ! !

  9. Love the easy 1 Click Login
    Love the overview (although would like to be taken to the “Passwords” view automatically)

    Don’t like the new look of the buttons, and actually I liked the old theme better.

    However, this doesn’t make me a hater :) I still enjoy using your software.

  10. @Tom – Thanks!

    @Saniul – No worries, we’re going to add the option of customizing the theme/colors, and the password tab option is on the way. :)

  11. wonderful !
    great UI improvments, and auto-login finally brings dream to reality :)
    Very nice result, congratulations for all your work

  12. It IS much quicker. Nice.

    When do you plan to remove the critical data restriction?

  13. @tiæn – thanks!

    @John – we’ll remove the restriction with the 1.0 release… not quite there yet.

  14. Great changes. The new version is definitely easier and quicker to use. The ‘auto-1-click-login’ feature is just what I wanted.

    One question, though – would it be possible to automatically enable options only if I login on a specific IP? I use one computer most of the time, but might forget to turn it off on a different one.

    I’m not particularly bothered by the colour scheme – as long as it works, I’m happy.

  15. Would it be possible to tag certain (ie frequently used) entries to show up on the new home tab? I know there are a few sites I log onto everyday.

  16. @blowski, the IP-address option sounds like a great idea. I’ll second that one too.

  17. Is it now compatible with the beta version of Firefox. I understand that there was some earlier compatability problems.

  18. Nice work folks. The “progress bar/how-much-free-PassPack-I-have-left-bar” is a nice addition.

    I noticed that when I mouse over the icons next to each entry title, they all say “Edit entry”. All of the my Entry titles have a mouse over text that says “Edit entry” also.

    Congrats on your new version.

  19. Hans Nordhaug

    I’m not able to get the 1-click login/auto-login to work in Firefox 3.0 – I have regenerated my button (and reinstalled it). Should it work?

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  21. I just wanted to let you know that this has made my life SOOO much more secure- thank you. Also, I didn’t have to reinstall my button… as of yet. Thanks for such a great product.

  22. @blowski, @Jason H. – we’ll add the IP address option to the suggested features list. No promises, but we’ll discuss it.

    @DarkAlly – that would be neat.

    @Reedy – Yes it should work. I use FF3 on Ubuntu and it works nicely. If you run into specific issues, please report them here.

    @Ryan – that’s music to my ears!

    @ALL – thanks everyone for all the encouragement and kudos. You folks are fabulous!

  23. It´s sooo cool. We like it very much. When you are travelling aroung you don´t need to have your password-list with you… And this one is safe and secure, too.

    Don´t stop this great project !

  24. I there any chance to have more than 100 password entries?
    I didn’t notice this limit before.

  25. @Tara

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