Beta 6 Preview: Follow Up

With the help of your feedback on the Beta 6 Preview, we’re fine tuning the release and getting ready to launch.

Beta 6 will “officially” go live on June 3.
(yes, tomorrow)

Startup Options

Some people prefer Passpack to open on the “Home Tab”, others prefer the “Password Tab”. Now you can choose.

Startup Options

Go straight to settings and customize your Start Up Options!

Lock It Up And Throw Away the Key Put It In a Really Safe Place

You now also have the option of printing your Login information at any time. But remember that this info accesses all your sensitive data. So put your printed User ID, Pass and Packing Key with all your other valuables – in a safe deposit box.

Icons & Buttons Galore

The features most of users wanted changed were the buttons. Seems that the 1 Click Login and Lock It Up! buttons didn’t exactly fit the bill, so we changed them – smaller and less intrusive.

While we were at it, we also changed the icons in the password list – thanks to Paul Jarvis and his TwoTone free icon set, we have some nifty news ones. Hopefully the changes will make your clicking experience a bit more aesthetically pleasing…

How Do Beta 5 And Beta 6 Get Along?

As of tomorrow afternoon (depending on your time zone) Beta 6 will go live for the world. Nonetheless, we wanted to clear a few things up on compatibility for the rest of the “preview” period. You can take a look at the update on this post.

Thanks again and again and again for all your great feedback on the blog and via email. It really helps us out a lot. And check back for more blog updates on the new arrival of Beta 6 tomorrow!



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