Passpack Is Officially In Beta 6!

It’s official as of today June 3, 2008, Passpack Beta 6 has been launched.

Some users have already had a taste of Beta 6 during testing. Others may have opted for the preview. But now every single Passpack user will automatically be updated to Beta 6.

When A Door Closes, A Window Opens
…And An Interface Changes

One of the most obvious interface changes is the ‘Home Tab’ versus ‘Password Tab’. Depending on how you configure 1Click Login in your Startup Settings, you may never even need to see your ‘Password Tab’ again. You can log into Passpack, have your favorites load first, your 1Click Login automatically turned on and you are all set for speedy surfing.

(psst.. you should update your Passpack It! button)

I Miss Beta 5!

If you are more the traditional type or have fewer entries and don’t mind taking things a bit slowly, go ahead and personalize the Startup Options (under the Settings menu) to make the ‘Password Tab’ your default tab… but please do have a look at the ‘Home Tab’ once in awhile for updates, reminders and account status.

As Fast as You Want It

Though Beta 6 is visually very different – appearance was not our first priority. Speed, convenience and security hold that honor.

If you don’t check all 100 of your accounts daily, why not give priority to those you do check everyday? You can do this by clicking the star next to each entry that’ll add it to your “favorites”, then head back over to the Startup Options and set Passpack to load them first for you.

Three’s a Charm

Passpack users can choose between 3 different levels of encryption. The stronger the encryption, the heavier the algorithm, therefore the longer it takes to load. By default, all Passpack entries are created with the maximum security level. However, if you have 50 or more passwords, or if you run a slow computer, you can take matters into your own hands.

Next to each entry in your main password list, all the way to the right, you’ll see a lock. Click it and watch it change security levels. Adjust these until you’ve optimized your account for speed.

Some Things Never Change

The anti-phishing welcome message will still greet you as always. The quick search is still your friend. You can still navigate using tags (though we’ve made them easier to get to!)

And one thing that will really never change :
No one can read your passwords but you – not even Passpack!

Thank You For Your Help!

You folks took surveys, you wrote us emails, you sent us feedback and a handful of you even volunteered your time to help us test. Beta 6 is yours, and we can’t thank you enough. Really.

Massive appreciation goes out to our Beta 6 testers. Most of you chose to remain anonymous, but here are those we have the pleasure of thanking (in no order whatsoever):

If you’re a tester and want to be on the list – drop me an email. It’s never too late.


12 responses to “Passpack Is Officially In Beta 6!

  1. Jesus Porven

    The new Beta version won’t allow me to login.
    I emailed support a day ago, but haven’t receieved a response yet.

    The error states:
    “Sorry, your data could not be packed. Perhaps you changed your account settings in another Passpack window? The system will sign out so that you can sign in again.”

    I have restarted my pc, cleared all caches and authenticated sessions, etc. to no avail. Please advise me of how to resolve the error.

  2. @Jesus,
    I just received your email right now (did you send a second copy maybe?). I found it, my apologies.

    Will contact you via email as well, but in the meantime you can connect to the Beta 5 if you need to access your information in a hurry:

    So far hundreds of people have converted, and we’ve gotten a few cases where something seems to have not gone perfectly according to plan.

    If anyone else encounters this problem, please fill out this form so we can pin-point where the issue and get it solved.

    Thanks for your help,

  3. What can I say – PassPack is a life saver. I’ve been using beta6 since the release only for testers and I loved it.
    It has some things that need to be fixed. However, it’s way much faster and usable than the previous version.
    Also, don’t forget it’s still in beta and it’s free!

    Good luck and thanks for such a great service!

  4. @Aurelijus – Thanks! we’ll get all the bugs ironed out at some point. There’s always more of them right after a release.

    For the most part I think it’s going well. There is just a small handful of people having a problem converting from one version to the next, and everyone is being incredibly helpful and patient.

  5. Is there an RSS feed for this blog?

  6. I love the new passpack beta – I’m pretty sure I’d be screwed without it – good work people!

  7. Nat Woodbridge

    There used to be a link, not sure were it went. This is what you want:

  8. These new beta 6 setting are very good and handy.

    Thank you very much Tara.

  9. @Luc & @sajidali – thank you kindly :)

  10. well today one milestone has been passed:
    “500 of 1000 entries.”
    but thanks to the favorites feature, the speed remains fast and responsive :)
    this capability is appreciated just as much as providing such a nice amount of capacity ^_^

  11. @tom
    Wow! You’ve surpassed my by a mile. I’m still at a lonely 300+ passwords.

    So glad the optimizations are keeping things speedy for you :)


  12. @Tara
    Haha, well it is not by choice :D
    there are still so many sites, that only offer the standard username / pass combination. thanks to Passpack’s import feature it was possible to maintain all 100+ passwords from an earlier password manager, and so if needed it would always be possible for me to backup the Passpack password DB, but it is still nice not to require this.
    One problem that occurred (briefly) when updating from Passpack 5 to Passpack 6 beta is that it showed an error stating “exceeded maximum entries” or something like that whenever saving the pack.
    Thankfully then Passpack allowed an expansion to 1000 entries, however there was a warning that was free on a temporary basis.
    If at all possible, Passpack should allow as many entries as can be allowed. Unless there is too much bandwidth usage, then larger packs only slow down the user. The favorites feature has helped with this, but still it would be great if 500, 1000, or more entries could be saved on the free accounts =)

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