Google Browser Sync Alternatives

Passpack replaces the password sync feature for former Google Browser Sync users.

The browser sync Firefox extension synchronized bookmarks, web history and passwords across multiple Firefox browsers by temporarily saving everything to Google’s servers. The plugin will not be updated for the new Firefox 3 release, and even Firefox 2 support will cease by the end of the year.

Passwords Sync Alternative

Passpack fits the bill — store your passwords logins and private bookmarks in one safe place online (encrypted!) and you access from any computer. And even better – no plugin needed, it’ll work on Firefox AND Safari, Opera, Explorer and mobile optimization is on the way.

Passpack users: help us spread the word!
Whenever someone is saddened by the loss of Browser Sync, cheer them up with the good news about Passpack.

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Bookmarks & History Sync Alternative

Mozilla Weave offers bookmark and history synchronization across computers, or you can use the Google Toolbar to continue syncing your bookmarks.


12 responses to “Google Browser Sync Alternatives

  1. Does passpack now work with Firefox 3?

  2. @Reedy
    Yes, it should.
    But if you’ve run into a specific issue let me know.

  3. Just thought about “spreading the word”. Why not creating a PassPack users Facebook group?
    I don’t really know if this is really good idea. However, it should help users to communicate between eachother & passpack team.

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  5. where’s the plugin? =]

  6. @Aurelijus Valeiša
    Great Idea – will get it done.

    :) No plugin for Passpack yet. Luckily you don’t need one to access your stuff from different computers… it’d just be for making 1 Click Login smoother.

  7. Sorry, this thing doesn’t hold a candle to Google Browser Sync, and isn’t very practical. It’s not convenient to type my passwords into this service every time I set one up or update one. You’ve got the secure storage part down, now just make a Firefox plugin to make it seamless like Google’s did. Otherwise this is basically useless.

  8. @ryan
    Useless – ouch. We will be releasing a Firefox plugin at some point, but until then, secure cross-computer storage is what we have to offer.


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  10. well funny enough, i like to use Passpack and GBS together, you see GBS can synchronize the authentication cookie for Passpack, while Passpack is also used as the password manager. its nice that Passpack still works fine with FF3, it would be nice if GBS could as well :p

    @ryan- no, it is not the same, but one of the features of GBS is sync of browser passwords, and Passpack uses a pretty secure method to get the same sort of functionality.

    even when using FF2 and GBS, Passpack is useful because it has features like random password generator and disposable login. try using 1 click login if you want browser integration, it is pretty painless :)

  11. I don’t understand why anyone would want to sync password cookies. I setup my computers (and all browsers) to delete all coockies (new or old) once I logout. I also ensure there is no coockies left on any of my computers during my regular maintenance. I think passpack is great as it is. After I started using passpack, I simply disable password saving options on all my browsers, and my password backup is encrypted and password protected. This is just my opinion.
    IDNoble, IS Manager

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