Have A Passpack Story? Tell Us!

Have Passpack Disposable Logins ever left you leaving a cyber cafe smiling? Have you ever impressed the IT department by being the only person not calling in for a ‘forgotten password’? Have you ever started sweating over a problem with Passpack, only to be reassured by Tara’s soothing email support?

If so, we’d like to hear your story! Passpack is collecting stories from our users about ‘How Passpack Saved My Day’.

Tell Us Your Passpack Story

What We’re Looking For?

Anyone who has an interesting, unique, funny or even not-so-outrageous story to tell on how Passpack has helped you out of a jam – as long as it’s real, we want to hear it!

Why Are We Looking?

Some of these case studies will be posted to our blog or website (we’re trying to dazzle things up a bit). Some of them we may quote around town. And some of them we may just read and smile.

Send an email with your story to Tara, including:

  • your name and some way for us to contact you
  • a link to your website (only if you want to)
  • an email address we can reply to

Remember – we would never reprint anything without your permission.

Still Not Sure? Here’s An Example.

‘A year ago, I was accidentally locked in my house and I needed to call the only other person who could get me out. Strangely enough, as I started dialing on my cordless phone, there was a power outage. I found myself with no access to a phone or internet. I don’t usually use my cell phone, but I thought this might be a good time to start. As soon as I turned it on, it asked me for my PIN number. I couldn’t remember it but I knew I had it in my Passpack account. I didn’t have internet access on my laptop, but luckily I had remembered to store it in my Passpack offline version. With just 10 minutes of battery life left, I accessed my account, inserted my PIN, called my friend and was rescued! Thanks Passpack!’

(Just so you know, I made this story up so it wouldn’t be published. But who knows? It may have happened to one of you.)


4 responses to “Have A Passpack Story? Tell Us!

  1. Over a number of years, I relied upon Firefox’s password manager, and allowed Firefox to seemlessly remember my passwords and log me in whenever I visited my sites.
    My laptop is in a secure building, and unlikely to get stolen, BUT two weeks ago, I heard a loud ‘ping’, saw a blue screen and my hard disk (and my passwords)were history!
    Fortunatly, I had migrated most of my passwords to Passpack, and despite having lost everything else, at least my passwords are safe!

  2. Thank you Reedy!

    (weird that it went “ping”!)

  3. Macnamarasband

    Having REAL trouble with autologin. With 2 out of 4 sites tried I was told it probably wouldn’t work with this site. I installed / taught the system to login to three sites for me. Using Safari they all totally failed – printed hyroglyphics for the email. Tried with firefox. Bit better. worked Ok with one site while with the second it appeared to be working but could not hold the data in the login boxes long enough to achieve a login. They flashed up and then disappeared. This is a MASSIVELY important feature for me as it will otherwise not compete in terms of ease of use with the browser “remember me” feature. I will be paying quite a price for the extra security

  4. @Macnamarasband
    Hello, I somehow missed your comment here. I’m going to open up a support ticket for you so that we can get you up and working. You will receive a notice by email.

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