The “Who’s Who” Of Passpack Women

Francesco’s always making jokes about how he is constantly surrounded by women here at Passpack. I don’t blame him. It’s a small office and on a typical day the ratio of women/men is 4:1. It’s pretty evident that more and more women are making their way in front of the computer.

And some of these women are getting the acclaim that they’re entitled to on NorthxEast, a blog (as they describe it) about blogging. If you’re looking to brush up on who the big names in dresses are in blogging – NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Female Bloggers is a great place to start. Inspired by NxE’s Bloggers List, I have decided to make my very own “Who’s Who” of Passpack Women so that our readers can finally put a face behind the font.

Tara Kelly is the coffee loving Web Designer behind Passpack but her role extends way beyond just that. Tara’s the President and co-founder of Passpack. She’s a Girl Geek. She can often be found somewhere at her desk among her 28 Post-Its (none with scribbled passwords) and 4 empty coffee cups. She draws (a usual subject – an odd, but mesmerizing Ant Woman). Tara grew up in Long Island and can identify just about any 80’s sitcom theme song. She’s married to Francesco. And she is obsessed with coffee.

Olga Cafagna keeps peace and order here at Passpack. Aside from administrative tasks, Olga is a mother, a wife, a traveler, a driver and a Pisces. She was born in a seaside town which contributes to her negative opinion of mountain life. Olga rarely gets upset and if she does, you wouldn’t know because she is ALWAYS in a good mood!

Dani Romano is the soothing voice in your times of need and support – that’s right customer support. Have a problem? Not for long when Dani’s around. Her taste in music is as extensive as her ability to answer almost any customer support question! She’s a great music lover – from Japanese Rock to Italian Alternative, straight to Classical. And she always gets a big fat smile on her face whenever she hears a Subsonica song played!

Louise Vinciguerra (that’s me!) writes snazzy blog entries for Passpack and you’ll see her name here and there on the web trying to let people know what Passpack’s all about. As a Scorpio, promoting privacy is nothing new for Louise. She is a fantastic joke teller, has a million and one hobbies and has literally recoined Murphy’s Law to – ‘If anything can go wrong, it will for Louise’. As a Brooklyn native, she can identify even more 80s theme songs than Tara.

Amanda Blum is the shine behind the Passpack shoe. When she is not busy making animated holiday greeting cards of her Doberman Lucy, she is translating Passpack technical lingo into PR jargon for journalists. She runs her own PR Consulting Company out of Phoenix, Arizona so when her Roman colleagues are almost done with their workday, Amanda is just getting started.



4 responses to “The “Who’s Who” Of Passpack Women

  1. Ah Louise – I knew I shouldn’t have shown you those pictures of the ant woman. :) For those wondering, here she is (you have to scroll down a little).

  2. atleast you draw ant women. I just make animated holiday dog cards:)

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