Defining Privacy On The Web

The word privacy is thrown around all over the internet, usually accompanied by fingerpointing and all too often heavy lawsuits. But what does private really mean in a Web 2.0 world?

Do you have any of the following accounts (or all of them) – YouTube, MySpace, Facebook? These sites are slowly redefining your privacy and are beginning to dictate internet habits.

Which brings about the question
What is privacy in a Web 2.0 world?

To Bebo Freely or Not To Bebo Freely?

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz in the news about the case of 15 year old Jodie Hudson who described a party and posted it on Bebo. Well, once this description went public across 6 U.K. newspapers Jodie’s mother, Amanda Hudson, decided to sue all 6 newspapers for defamation and breach of privacy. The privacy issue which is gaining importance from this is – ‘Should what happens on social networking sites, remain on those sites?’

What is public and what is private when it comes to social networking?

YouTube = WeTube = ViacomTube

Then there’s the case of Google vs Viacom, where a lawsuit has resulted in Google having to give Viacom data pertaining to the viewing habits of YouTube users. Viacom doesn’t seem to want personally identifiable information but then we have to think, where is the Viacom/Google case actually going?

Should media companies have complete access to our viewing choices?

2 responses to “Defining Privacy On The Web

  1. Its there any chance that Viacom going to win the case.

  2. louisevinciguerra

    Do you mean the copyright infringement case?

    There has been a settlement and the details are slowly unraveling.

    Here is a current New York Times article with some more info:


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