FIXED: “Incoherent Data” Message

Update: This issue is fixed.

We’ve received bug reports today about users creating a new account, but not being able to save their brand new packs. Upon pressing the Save All button, an “incoherent data” error was appearing.

I do not have more details yet as to the cause of the error, but I’ve been told that the bug has been identified and the fix is being tested before going live.

If you have encountered this error and would like to be notified when it has been fully fixed, please open a support ticket here and I will contact you once you can begin using your new account.

Sorry for the hassle folks. We’ll get you up and running as soon as possible.


4 responses to “FIXED: “Incoherent Data” Message

  1. just a minor detail: why titles in auto login list come stripped out of spaces?
    that makes them less readable.

  2. @Deltapi
    It’s either 1) an unwanted side effect or 2) just a mistake. I’ll have it looked into.

    – Tara

  3. Sorry to post this here…..I’ve submitted 2 support tickets without response….I have now determined that the problem was being caused by a specific Firefox extension.

    Be glad to share that info with Passpack as soon as I get a support response

  4. @Jim: sorry about the delayed response, I am glad you managed to work out the problem.

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