How Passpack and OpenID can complement each other?

Passpack plans on contributing to the spread of OpenID by becoming a consumer! By the end of the summer you will be able to use your OpenID to login to your Passpack account.

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

OpenID In A Nutshell

OpenID is an open source authentication system which allows websites to identify you with one personalized URL address, associated with one personalized password.

The idea is, once you sign up with one of the many OpenId providers (here’s a directory of providers), you’ll have one OpenID (replacing your standard username) – something like And one OpenID password.

In order to keep things flowing, you then keep all of the consumer websites (sites that accept OpenID) in that account and there you go – problem solved.

Why Use Passpack And OpenID?

Once you’ve got your brand new OpenID that you use, let’s say for work, and you open another one (maybe even with another provider) just for play. Passpack can help you with that. You will be able to store all of the logins to your various OpenID providers in your Passpack account.

Ok so now, let’s also consider this – at the moment there are many OpenID providers and somewhat less consumers. Where does this leave the OpenID-er? In a jam.

At some point you are probably going to find yourself with a mix of accounts – those that accept OpenID AND those that don’t. What do you do now? If you can’t realistically use only sites that support OpenID, you need to find a suitable solution. Passpack them all!

You will be able to make a special “OpenID entry” where you can store links to all the websites where you’ve used a particular OpenID and say ‘Hello’ to 1 Click Login again! This makes it easier than before to not only log into sites that support OpenID but more importantly to those that haven’t quite made the leap yet.

How Will OpenID Work With Passpack?

Here’s the rundown – so we know that Passpack securely stores your username, links, tags and of course passwords. And in order to access your info you need a Passpack User ID, a Pass and the ever so famous – Packing Key … You did know that right? If not, read this.

Well, if you are an OpenID user, you wouldn’t have a Passpack User ID nor a Pass anymore — just the Packing Key. And by “just”, I mean it no disrespect, considering the Packing Key is where your data begins its encryption process! So when you were to login to Passpack you would be asked for your OpenID, after that you would need to enter your Packing Key and you’re in! Easy as that.

So you’re in your Passpack account and you logged in with your brand new OpenID, now what? Passpack gives you the freedom of storing multiple logins under one OpenID entry. You still have the extra fun things like tags and anti-phishing systems and – don’t fret – 1 Click Login will be able to fill in your OpenID for you the same way it does your good ‘old passwords.

Why Would You Want A Password/OpenID Manager?

Because we don’t compromise security here at Passpack. Remember that your Packing Key is yours, only yours and not even we know it! And frankly, we wouldn’t really want to. All thanks to host-proof hosting.

So go ahead. Sign up with all the OpenID providers that your heart desires and rest assured that they will be safely encrypted along with your old friends (enemies?) – passwords.


8 responses to “How Passpack and OpenID can complement each other?

  1. Is this currently implemented, or something that will be introduced soon?

  2. How do you plan to prevent phishing? OpenID is seriously flawed in that respect (and in many others):

  3. I’m slightly confused. Will the OpenID login entry be available for everyone, or just those people who sign up for OpenID-based accounts?

  4. Still waiting for the firefox plugin.

  5. GrrYumYum

    This is excellent news, just what I’ve been waiting for.

    Now I will be able to use, very soon I hope, two-factor authentication to log into my Passpack account. This will be made possible thanks to Verisign’s implementation of OpenID ( that allows you to make use of hardware tokens to log into your OpenID account, they even support Windows CardSpace.

    Now for the wait …. :)

  6. @Nicholas
    No, it’ll be released before the end of the summer.

    @Ryan Grove
    Yes, I’m aware of that article, I was even quoted in it — though my complaint was a bit repurposed in the article since it wasn’t OpenID I was attacking, rather the way community was accepting (even applauding) that users were blindly being assigned OpenID’s without knowledge. But I digress…

    We have given a lot of thought and study to the issue. It’s a great question, but the answer deserves a post unto itself. We’ll get working on it ASAP.

    The change to the entry window will be available for everyone. Just keep in mind, that we will release OpenID login first, then the extended entry window – not at the same time (I think).

    Top secret info: I heard someone talking about it in the office yesterday. It *is* coming, I promise.

    Glad you’re happy. The wait shouldn’t be too long – the summer is almost over. :)

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