What Is Passpack Up To Now?

The Passpack office is buzzing like a busy bee with all its new additions and if you have been following the blog, you probably know what’s keeping us so busy. Here’s a rundown on what’s been going on and what you can expect.


It’s coming. Francesco, Giuseppe and Grzesiek are working hard on giving OpenID the final touches it needs. So sit tight because it will be up and running in no time.

As for all the talk on which OpenID providers will be on the “whitelist” – it’s pretty clear from the past post that you all have blacklisted the idea of a whitelist. And with very good reason. We’re thinking this over and we’ll talk more about this in another post.


We have been hinting here and there about Passpack Mobile and I am going to hint again. We tried once before but incompatible mobile browser capability prevented us from releasing a Mobile version. Beta 6 gave Passpack the necessary foundations to grow as an application and be able to implement more features – one of which is mobile.

When can you expect it? – Now why would I ruin the surprise by answering that…


What’s this you say? We haven’t talked much about sharing but here is another morsel of fun – Tara, Laura and Gianluca are currently setting up the user interface needed for sharing

What Else?

There are tons of things on our ‘to do’ list and this is just a taste of what’s to come. Our main focus at the moment is getting OpenID ready for you, but keep your eye out for the rest…and more…


5 responses to “What Is Passpack Up To Now?

  1. oh.. It’s sad that mobile version is not comming yet. It’s really hard to use web version on the iPhone. If you would develop an iPhone native app or even a web app, it would be really cool.

  2. Hi Aurelijus – I know, I’d love to use Passpack more easily on my Nokia too. We’re working on a miniature version of our web app, and attempting to get past the connection/ram/browser limitations on various mobile devices. It’s taking *much* longer than we ever could have expected.

    Certainly not giving up though…

  3. Another vote for a iPhone friendly web app or a native app. :-)

    Thanks for the great work so far.. :-)

  4. Here’s a vote for a Blackberry mobile friendly version and/or native app! :)

  5. A native app for the iPhone or a web app optimized for mobile access would be awesome. So far, the password apps available for the iPhone don’t stack up so well.

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