SSL Certificate Issues With Explorer 7

Passpack recently upgraded it’s SSL certificate to an Extended Validation Certificate. Everything was working fine, however Internet Explorer 7 was not showing the typical “green bar“.

Upon installing the library for Apache which fixed the issue for Explorer 7 (last night), the certificate started showing as invalid for other browsers.

We’ve now removed the Explorer 7 specific library, and things have returned to normal. Explorer 7 will continue to see a white address bar (not green).

While there was no compromise in the actual security, I realize this might have caused some raised eyebrows and perhaps even a fright for some folks. I’d like to apologize.

Should you run into any problems with the SSL certificate, please contact us immediately so that we can get things fixed.


2 responses to “SSL Certificate Issues With Explorer 7

  1. GrrYumYum

    The EV green bar works fine in IE7 on Vista. I remember that I had to enable one or other setting in IE7 on XP to allow it to show the green bar, but can’t remember which setting.

  2. GrrYumYum

    I found this on a website. It has something to do with the fact the an upgrade from IE6 to IE7 doesn’t enable this critical setting for EV certs.

    Follow these steps:
    Internet Options -> Advanced -> enable “Check for server certificate revocation *”

    I didn’t try this solution since I no longer have XP, but it should work. Also remember to do a windows update since M$ updates the certificate store on a regular basis.

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