Passpack’s New Additions: Yahoo! and Facebook

Passpack recently gave users the option of signing in with their OpenID, Google or Windows Live account. Now you can use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and Facebook with Passpack.

Keep in mind that if you’re not a Passpack user yet, you can sign up for an account using any of the above. And if you are a Passpack user, you can associate Yahoo! and Facebook accounts to Passpack.

Now the big question! We need the help of our users – TELL US:

Who should Passpack to add next? Twitter or FriendFeed?


11 responses to “Passpack’s New Additions: Yahoo! and Facebook

  1. Honestly, neither. Their personal impact on a user isn’t that big when it comes to must have (don’t get me wrong), even thought both might be frequently used, you are much more likely to stop using twitter/friendfeed than you are from stopping using Google, Windows Live, Yahoo and Facebook.

    I think that you don’t really need two more, it feels like that list of logins is turning into a list of all my stopping places on the tubes. Too much if you ask me.

    Although, I have been wondering, what happens if your account from facebook, twitter, friendfeed, google, etc disappears? Or gets deleted?

  2. I guess I’m not sure why you need any additional services to link to. My conception of Passpack is that it’s the master gatekeeper of my account information. It’s password system is theoretically more secure than any of these other sites, so why shouldn’t I use my passpack login rather than someone else’s? It seems like it’s more steps than necessary, or just circular. I mean, if I use my facebook account, I presumably would have to log into facebook first, but then I wouldn’t be able to use a long and complex password for facebook and rely on passpack to log me in via the the one-click log in. Can you explain why some people would want to use these other sites to log into passpack when they are then just going to use passpack to log into other sites?

  3. Another vote for neither. All these extra login services (perhaps excluding OpenID, although I don’t use it anyway) are pointless.

    I use passpack for my passwords because I know it’s secure. If I use my facebook account to log on, and that gets compromised (it’s more likely to be), then it’s game over.

  4. GrrYumYum

    The only “useful” login option is the OpenID one. IMO The rest just adds time to the loading of Passpack and eats up my desktop real estate.

  5. I won’t be using anything besides the passpack login, possibly OpenID, and _maybe_ Gmail

  6. if you’re on friendfeed chances are you’re already on some of the aforementioned services.
    Go for twitter if you need to add more.

  7. :) Well, I’m certainly glad that you guys are so happy with Passpack that you prefer the standard login to another third party (and let’s face it, the standard login + remember me is still the fastest way to your Pack)..

    RE: security. Yes, we started planning 3rd party logins almost a year ago. So we’ve been digesting and exploring the pros and cons for some time now. The (very) short answer is that we can do this thanks to the Packing Key. Maybe the long answer deserves a post unto itself.

    But Why? We’re trying to reach some new folks. Ideally (and I speak personally here) the services that allow for further integration like Facebook (Apps) and Google (widget) hold the most potential for becoming really useful. No more than 8 though. That’s the size of the grid we set out to fill.

    I do understand about screen space too. I have a similar feeling – too much stuff on my login screen, I want to go faster. We’ll definitely work on that.

    That said – my vote is for twitter. :)

    Keep the feedback coming!

    (@Thor, I know I haven’t answered you properly yet – coming….)

  8. I would consider MySpace!

  9. Twitter would be a decent selection although Yubikey ( or something similar in the hardware space my help with security.

  10. louisevinciguerra

    @Nicola Mattina
    MySpace. Of course. How could we leave them out ;)
    2nd factor authentication is in the makes. You beat us to it! We will not be using Yubikey.

    And just to clarify Tara’s above comment – we will slowly be adding more 3rd party logins – and there will be more than 8. But we are trying not to make all these icons overtake the sign in screen so there won’t be more than 8 (hopefully less) on the main grid.

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