Email Security: Not Limited to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s email security hack has recently been the topic of every news outlet and only brings to light the importance of password management.

The password reset story has caught attention for more than obvious reasons and fingerpointing has become rampant, diverting the attention on Palin somewhat inappropriately. Speculation as to how her Yahoo account was compromised varies, but the VP Candidate may just be the perfect example of how common password habits can expose a common security risk. And poor password habits are not only restricted to potential Vice Presidents.

Alaska’s Governor Is Not the Only Target

Sarah Palin may have spared herself the negative public eye if she had followed the basic rules of password security: long is strong. This cannot be stressed enough but in light of the Palin email hack, strong responses to (password recovery) security questions is just as important. It’s just too easy to guess a zip code/pet’s name/mother’s maiden name – it’s rarely just guessing, all that information is usually found online.

Passpack’s notes field gives you the option of answering a rarely used, yet important security question with an obscure response:

Question: What’s your mother’s maiden name?

Answer:    8ZXjTlRkurCXLMwÒ¼8V’=ËçzÊâO£

Just generated this from Passpack in 2 seconds.<br />Who would guess that's my mother's maiden name?

Just generated this from Passpack in 2 seconds.Who'd guess that?


4 responses to “Email Security: Not Limited to Sarah Palin

  1. This would be easier if there was a generate function not linked to the password field. :)

  2. I agree! I love PassPack, but I find myself opening up other software to generate random responses to security questions.

  3. Definitely a new idea I never thought of, but the readers above are correct – when the password field is already filled in, it is impossible to generate a new password or security answer.

  4. louisevinciguerra

    You guys are all right – it would be easier to have a generator specifically for security questions and it is now on Francesco’s to do list.

    The way I generated mine – I opened an ‘ADD NEW’ entry field, then click generate as though I were generating a new password and did this 2 times to make it stronger.

    This seems to work best until we add the extra generator to Passpack;-)

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