Wow! Mind the Bridge and MSNBC

This weekend proved to be pretty full of surprises for Passpack. While we were working on our future releases, Passpack got some pretty noteworthy attention both in the States and in Italy. Take a look at why we all have smiles on our faces today…

Mind the Bridge

You may remember Passpack’s announcement of it’s first round of seed funding and since the start up world is a crazy race forward, we’ve already started thinking about our next round of funding and one of the first events we plan on participating in is Venice’s Mind the Bridge Venture Camp on October 10-11.

Passpack is officially one of the Fall 2008 Mind the Bridge finalists. We have been holding our breath for the past 2 weeks and news came in that Passpack was chosen, alongside 13 other start-ups.

Wish us luck!

Passpack Goes National – on MSNBC

We posted Passpack’s appearance on NBC-TV which aired in a few cities including Detroit, Palm Springs and Charlottesville, but guess what? MSNBC’s Tech Watch talked about Passpack too and this time it went national! If you didn’t get a chance to see it…


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