Passpack Recap and Call For Message Testing!

The office has been buzzing with Monday morning news and I’ll try to get it all into one post. The Passpack weekend was eventful, to say the least and we also have yet another release on its way…but this one needs some user help. Here is a recap of the weekend and what is to come:

Passpack Sponsors Girl Geek Dinner

Last week we posted about Passpack’s sponsoring of Rome’s first ever Girl Geek Dinner and the outcome was a success! The evening really went well thanks to the help of everyone involved and we met some really interesting women. Take a look at some video and pictures from the night at

Auto-login Bug. Squashed.

Recently, users were telling us about the peculiar behavior of Passpack’s auto-login – it was happening to some of us here as well. It turns out, there was in fact a bug and the UTF-8 encoding was “getting lost in translation” during the encoding and decoding for the 1 Click Login encrypted mini-packs. In other words, some packs that contained entry titles with non alpha-numeric characters (for example ò, È, җ, ễ, ﭛ ,שּׁ) may have had difficulties with auto-login.
In other other words, auto-login was acting a bit naughty :)
Problem solved. Sorry to those of you who had to copy and paste your way around. Let us know if you are still experiencing any trouble.

Passpack Messaging Testers Needed

Tomorrow we are opening testing for Passpack messaging. Here’s a super sneak preview image…

If you’re wondering what messaging has to do with passwords – good question. Messaging is one of the first steps that Passpack is taking towards the release of full sharing passwords between accounts. Messaging will allow users to send encrypted messages from one Passpack user to other Passpack users of your choice. Do you see all the possibilities in store?

As long as you have a Passpack account and a friend with a Passpack account, you can be a tester.

Be the First to Test Messaging?

You and a friend contact Tara.
Testing is closed.

4 responses to “Passpack Recap and Call For Message Testing!

  1. Been looking forward to securely sharing passwords ever since it was first mentioned. Messaging is a cool feature as well, functionally similar to PGP encrypted email, and Passpack can provide a much easier to use interface.

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  3. Hi Mike,
    Glad you like the idea. Actually, we sort of stumbled upon the idea for messaging, while developing sharing.

    So one thing leads to the next.

    If you want to test it out, drop me an email and I’ll get you on the list.

  4. Max Sanna

    Hi Tara,
    I’m glad you’re deploying this exciting new feature.
    In my company -a digital agency- we have to deal with an immense number of passwords for our client’s servers, ssh logins, webadmin interfaces etc., so we’re using Secret Server by Thycotic, but to be totally honest with you… it’s not the best since:
    – the passwords are probably recoverable by their team, since we can all share them with different login/pwds
    – the interface is really web 1.0
    – no ajax
    – very slow
    – the whole experience is really cumbersome and counterintuitive

    …but at the end of the day does what we need, and we can “securely” share passwords between employees, and track them down.

    For all my personal needs I use passpack since almost 1 year, and I just *love* it. I can already see that if you’ll manage to create business accounts, where a company can add their employees, and control access to every password (who can read it, who can write it, who can share it with others, etc.), it’s gonna be a killer application and I’ll switch my company to it in no time.

    Way to go!!
    Thanks again,

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