How You Can Use Passpack Messaging

We may have surprised a few of our users yesterday with the announcement of one of our next releases – Passpack Messaging.

Do you want to test it? Leave a comment, or send an email to Tara.

We’d love to hear your feedback.

And in the meantime – here are a few ideas on how Passpack users can use Messaging…

Send Pin Numbers or Deadline Dates

If you are a professional, a freelancer, a business owner or similar, you have most likely had to exchange sensitive info that you just don’t feel that comfortable exchanging via email – PIN numbers, deadline dates, user logins, normal text messages, events and of course…passwords.

Busy offices have busy ears and some information is worth sending encrypted.

Family Reminders

You’re about to leave work and can’t remember the new security code on the house? You could have your spouse/partner email or text it to you but do you really feel secure sending that information around like that? Have an encrypted message sent to your Passpack account. Job done. You can leave work knowing the security code is safe in Passpack and never traveled unencrypted.

Families and friends have endless options for secure Messaging between accounts: PIN numbers, travel plans, insurance codes, a private message you want to stay private like possible birthday gifts for Mom…

Lots More…

If you spend a certain part of your day in front of a computer and like to drop terms that leave most average internet users perplexed, you’ll love Passpack Messaging, but I will leave it to you all to tell us why? What could YOU do with Passpack Messaging?

passpack messaging

passpack messaging

Want to Try Messaging?

Keep in mind that messaging is ONE of the many features Passpack plans on releasing and we are always looking for your feedback. The following ideas on how to use Passpack Messaging are just a taste of what’s to come and a small step to a big plan called Sharing.

Send Tara an email or just leave a comment on this post. You can test with a friend or with one of us at the Passpack Team!
Testing is closed.

8 responses to “How You Can Use Passpack Messaging

  1. Well, I read the last post and I was really interested. The concept seems rather cool.

    However, as you said you needed someone else that you knew that is using Passpack I was cut off.
    Now that it seems I can do some real testing with the Passpack team – I’m in! I’d be fun to test with one of you at the Passpack team.

  2. Thor – you’re in. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you send me an email so that I can get you on the testers list.

    (sorry – I haven’t sifted through emails yet, so I have no idea if you’ve done this or not…)

    Then we can message and be merry :)

  3. Hey, I’d love to help out with the testing, I’ve sent you an email :)

  4. Paul Reed

    I’ve had the confirmation email, but when are you expecting to start the testing?

  5. Paul – be patient, we’re coming. I can’t wait for it too! ;)

  6. I would just like to thank Tara and the rest of the Passpack team for offering such a wonderful service(For Free too!). This was exactly what i needed for Cloud Computing to be painless. I will make sure to tell all my tech friends about passpack.
    Keep up the Awesome Work!

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