6 responses to “FIXED: 1 Click Login Button

  1. Will we get any info on what the issue was?

  2. can you give some more details on this issue? Frankly, this is the #1 concern I have with online password services and I would like to become a bit more educated about this “enemy”. Saying: “we had a problem, but don’t worry about it” is not very reassuring!

  3. Confusing! All the unwanted features make me dizzy. Passpack should focus on the core and make it work for all sites, not chasing the bells & whistles. I’m getting tired by your cluttered screen.

  4. Paul Reed

    Who is Adam, Ben and Collin?
    Are they part of the PassPack team?

  5. Paul Reed

    Ignore my last..
    I have read a second time!!

  6. @Johannes, @erik
    I have updated the post. Please let me know if you need more information – I hope it’s clear.

    Sorry you feel that way. You mentioned a cluttered screen – can you let me know exactly which screen (some, all, etc) that you have in mind? If you prefer, you may also email me with details at tara@passpack.com.

    Thank you – this type of feedback really helps us stay on track with your expectations.

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