Getting Ready to Leave Beta

Passpack is getting ready to leave Beta. Amazing, but true.

It’s taken a while (lawyers be darned!) but within a week or so the first few days of November, we’ll be releasing Passpack 1.0 together with our first paid upgrade “Pro”. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Free-For-Now Becomes Free-Forever

I’d like to personally thank the many many users who opted into our Free-for-now promotion. When faced with the question “Would you pay for Passpack?” — you said YES, loud and clear.

To show our gratitude, we’ve decided to extend the promotion indefinitely.

Free-For-Now users can continue to use their accounts.
As-is, for free, forever.

Wise guy alert: no getting smart and trying to squeeze in a free account at the last minute [wink]. As of now, the promotion is over. This is our way of thanking the early adopters. It’s just for them.

The New “Pro” Package

The Free-For-Now deal is mostly just extra passwords, though some folks might have also gotten extra disposable logins (we changed the configurations numerous time). The Pro package is much more than that, and we’ll continue to grow the feature set with time.

With the Free account, you get a little bit of everything. With Pro, you get more. Here’s a look:

You’ll notice that proper password sharing isn’t on the list yet. It will be. Once that technology is available, the Pro package will have (you guessed it) more than the Free account.

Who is Pro For?

Anyone will be able to upgrade, naturally, but as the name implies, we expect that the people who will really need Pro, are people who generally work and collaborate over the internet:

  • Web Developers, Designers & Project Managers
    Share passwords with the team during project development, then send them over to the client upon delivery.
  • Online Traders
    Use secure messaging instead of emails (those password protected PDFs are easily cracked folks).
  • SEO & New Media Marketers
    How many passwords do you have? Yeah, I thought so. You need far more capacity then the average person. Plus messaging is good for chatting with clients on strategy that’s best not left for the competitor to sniff (if the email gets sniffed – they’ll blame you).

How Much is Pro?

(What’s €10 in US Dollars?)

That will go up to €15/year once we complete the package with full password sharing.

Thank you for believing in us!

19 responses to “Getting Ready to Leave Beta

  1. Fantastic, congratulations!

    And very nice of you to let us have the free benefits :)

  2. The pro package is looking good. I’m assuming you’re refering to the financial restriction for pro. I think that alone is worth the subscription.

    Have you ever mentioned what kind of backup system you have for accounts? I’m paranoid, so I’ve been backing up my account every time I make changes.

    Anyways, the pro package looks good, and I’ll pick it up when you release it.

  3. Hmm, ok, a few questions.

    The early adopters get the 1000 password limit indefinitely right? Not all the pro features?

    Why are non pro users not allowed to store financial info in their accounts? What’s the point in having the rule if there’s no way of you knowing what people have in their accounts?

    When will you be resetting the community names from the testing phase? I hope I’m not going to be stuck with my temporary name.

  4. Congratulations on getting to version 1.0!

    One thought, how about giving your Beta users with less than 100 passwords the “Free-Forever” package too?

    Personally, I never thought I’d have over 100 passwords to store, but now that I’m over 90, 100 doesn’t seem all that far off. I’ve been a user since Beta 5–I’d love to be able to continue to use it for free (until I decide that I need the Pro features).

  5. Thor Marius K.H

    I’m sort of with Rob C here, I’m not that far from 100 passwords and it feels a bit like I fell while walking up the stairs, just before the finish line.

    The amount of work you have put in is personally enough for me to pay right now, but that’s not possible though.

  6. I really appreciate the indefinite extension of the raised password cap for testers — it’s a much appreciated gesture.

    That said, as a service that has become central to my Internet usage I’ll be glad to pay the nominal fee for a full “Pro” account when available — if only so I can permissably store my bank logins :)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what “More sending options” means — I’m hoping the ability to create a pseudo-sandbox, going both ways, to allow me to send/receive passwords/messages to/from people who I wouldn’t feel comfortable forcing to create their own accounts.

    There are plenty of people I’d like to securely exchange data with, but people who I wouldn’t necessarily consider savvy enough to use PassPack.

    Nothing is scarier than having to exchange passwords with someone you know uses password as their password. If I could send them a “request” for a message, which would allow them to simply drop their text in and send it without having to create an account–just authenticate via a link in an e-mail–and then send the data to my passpack account… now *that* would be handy!

  7. Paul Reed

    I’m with Rob C too. We have supported PassPack and contributed to it’s progress over the months, beta testing, posting into the blog and forum, as well as positive encouragement.
    We believe in you too, and have maybe contributed more that those who simply took advantage of your generousity.
    Don’t you agree Tara?

  8. @Rob C, @Thor and @Paul Reed
    Ack! You know it never occurred to me that the testers would have less than 100 passwords? Of course you’re *enormously* appreciated! I’ll follow up with an email over the weekend.

    Yes, it’s the password cap. On the no-financial rule we can’t enforce, also true: it’s an honor system. On the testing names, I’ll look into that.

    That’s some pretty creative idea :)

    Yes, we do regular backups. But I understand where you’re coming from. Personally, I also do my own backup about once a week via my Passpack Desktop. For good measure.

    @everyone — Thank you!

  9. Congratulations guys, I was considering donating the money for the pro account even though I don’t think I need one, just as a thank you. Then I realized I still have a piece missing before I can fully switch over to passpack, and that’s the mobile piece. I’m waiting on that piece before changing all my passwords over to long complex ones because I do a decent amount of browsing on my phone and without a way to retrieve those (other than doing the forgot password function for each site each time), I’m out of luck. I’ll let my potential pro account be another (if tiny) motivating factor to push the mobile version out for testing as soon as possible :)


  10. @Levi :) It’s coming.

  11. Christoph

    I think you’re doing a fantastic job with PassPack now that it’s out of beta. It’s getting more and more powerful. It’s being widely adopted by major players.

    I think Paul’s got a point.

    Some of us have contributed to PassPack, emailed you with suggestions, recommended PassPack to users on blogs.

    I plead guilty to all of the above.

    But we never used the “free for now” service because we didn’t have over 100 passwords yet.

    I’m not sure why only those who signed up for the free for now service whether they needed it or not are the only ones “rewarded”.

    It’s your call, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t leave a bit of a bad feeling. It’s not just the 10 euros per annum, it’s also feeling like a second class PassPack citizen because we didn’t sign up for more than we needed, free.

    That said, what we do get for free is excellent. Even though I feel let down by being put in a real, but lower, gratitude category.

  12. Hi Christoph
    Wow. I’m the first one to admit when I’m wrong. By no means were we trying to create a second class Passpack citizen (hair standing up on the back of my neck at the thought). But I definitely tanked on communicating what I thought was a little bit of good news.

    Just like I mentioned above with the beta testers – I was clearly bringing my own personal bias in here. And that being: Early adopters would have accumulated tons of passwords.

    From these comments, that’s completely off the mark and I can’t but apologize for letting you down. I hope you’ll forgive an honest mistake. On my part – I promise to learn from it.

  13. Paul Reed

    Tara, you mention above about the benefits of the Pro package, in particular – ‘Less Restrictions’. By hovering over the link, the message ‘Financial Data Restrictions on Free accounts’ is displayed.
    Following the link to the terms & conditions doesn’t really explain what this means (yet).
    Does this mean that users with ‘free’ accounts will not be able to store financial and banking related passwords, whilst ‘paid for’ customers can?

  14. Hi Paul, Yes. That’s what that means.

  15. Christoph

    Don’t sweat it, Tara.

    I’m disappointed not to receive that particular free upgrade for the reasons I expressed, but PassPack has become so helpful for me I can still spring for the €10 per annum when I reach 100 passwords.

    Thanks for replying personally and I accept your arguably unnecessary apology.

    “whilst ‘paid for’ customers can”

    That would be a great enhancement.

  16. Andre Moreno

    Well, it is now November 2nd.

    I have been contributing to the beta testing a bit I guess, but have not broken the 100 password limit until today. However, it seems now that I am in a bit of a limbo. The earliest adopters who managed to break the 100 password limit before October 16th were grandfathered in (as they should be) but the rest of the Passpack userbase appears to have been prohibited from breaking the 100 password limit for any reason. As far as I can tell, THERE IS NO WAY TO UPGRADE NOW, PAID OR NOT! Does an upgrade at this point, before the actual paid rollout, require manual intervention from the Passpack staff? If so, isn’t something more graceful in terms of business process in order simply to avoid frustrating the userbase?

    Perhaps, regardless of the current list of Free-for-now accounts permanently upgraded to Pro accounts, all accounts that have initiated an original bug report (or initiated an original feature request that was not previously planned, but was chosen for implementation) and have done so PRIOR to October 16th should also be permanently upgraded to Pro accounts.

    In addition, to prevent user frustration and rapid migration to other password management alternatives, the Free-for-now system should be reinstated, but with an upgrade dialog for non-grandfathered accounts, notifying the user that they may upgrade Free-for-now, but on the day the payment system is implemented, entries created after 100 will be saveable, but not re-viewable. They will be given the opportunity to:

    1) Pay for an upgrade.

    2) Sync all entries (and move (sync and delete) entries in excess of a chosen 100) to Passpack Offline or Passpack Desktop.

    3) Backup & save/email all entries (and/or move (backup & save/email and delete) entries to a local disk and/or email account using Passpack Backup format.

    4) Export/print all entries (and/or move (export/print and delete) entries to another password manager using CSV, TSV, HTML, XML, etc., or to the users printer :)

    This engine will have to be developed anyway as a portion of the userbase will pay for the upgrade for a time and then fail to renew. Their accounts will need to be downgraded to Free accounts using substantially the same protocol.

  17. I stumbled upon Passpack today, and while it looks interesting, I just discovered that I can’t even really evaluate it. I imported my 163 entries from KeePass, and was very happy to see that they all were successfully added to Passpack. Then I tried to save and, you guessed it, was informed that I had a free account and would have to delete 63 entries in order to save any of them. Then I went searching and found this blog entry. I’m rather disappointed to learn that I can’t use Passpack at all at this time, free or otherwise. Sure, I can add a few entries and play around with them a little, but without my entire set I really can’t truly use and evaluate. Right now you’ve got a very unfortunate situation where any user at the 100 entry threshold is just stuck. Going forward you need some kind of a trial period with an unlimited number of passwords. If I like Passpack after 30 days, I’d probably pay $12/year to use it. But I’m not going to pay $12 just to try it out. Regarding the “Pro” features, the ability to save more than 100 entries is something that many users will require in order to use Passpack at all. However, the other “Pro” features would likely never be used by many of those users. Recognizing this, you should have one low price just for more entries, and a higher price for the other “Pro” features.

  18. @Andrea, you should have an email from me.

  19. @Carl
    Yes, we *definitely* need to integrate the trial period and downgrades asap. It’s coming, though I’m sorry you had to deal with such a hassle as a first impression.

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