Send Your Passwords Securely

Passpack’s recent Secure Messaging release lets you send (encrypted) PINS, links, login names, notes, passwords to people in your Ring of Trust.

I know what you are thinking – why not automate it? We just did! Say hello to sending entries as attachments.

Send a Complete Passpack Entry

Now you can send a copy of a whole entry to someone within your Ring of Trust. So your clients or colleagues only have to click Accept and Save and you’re accessing the same hosting account.

You even have the option of sending your Notes along with the entry. But it is optional – some things you just don’t want to share even within the ‘Ring of Trust’ : )

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Wow! How Do I Get Started?

It works just like Secure Messaging, well because… it is Secure Messaging except now you are sending an attached password entry that is going directly from your Pack to theirs (no worries, it’s just a copy!)

You’ll now notice that your entries will now be equipped with a little Send to link – Press it, choose who you are sending it to and write a quick message explaining the entry or even just to say hello.

Remember, once you press Send Now!, the recipient will have an exact copy of the same entry that is in your account. They can change it if they like. And you can as well. But only send password entries that you are sure you want to share with others.

Make copying and pasting passwords a thing of the past. Send them safe and send them encrypted!


5 responses to “Send Your Passwords Securely

  1. Thor Marius K.H

    Amazing, congratulations on getting it out. Nice work, it seems rather nice.

  2. Thanks Thor. We’re pretty excited about this feature and we hoped that you all would be too! Let us know what you think as you continue to use it.

  3. Johannes

    Wow, very nicely done!

    One thing though, the community names were supposed to be reset after the testing? What happened? I don’t like the idea of being stuck with the name I used while testing which wont be private anymore..

  4. @Johannes I will check with Francesco tomorrow. Could you shoot me an email at jesse -at- passpack -dot- com and we’ll get you straightened out.

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