Privacy & Identity at Web2.0 Expo in Berlin

It was a fantastic experience being in Berlin during the Web2.0 Expo this week. I met a lot of interesting people, and was happy (though not surprised) to learn that privacy and identity management is a key topic for many Web 2.0 users.

A top highlight for me was having the chance to ask Tim O’Reilly “Don’t you think there’s a need to keep relevant information private in Web 2.0, or at least to share it with people you really trust?”

Tim answered with a firm“Absolutely”. Thanks, Tim! We think so too.

A few hours later I got to take part in another informal, unexpected event: a 60 second TechCrunch Pitch! improvised by Mike Butcher. Adrenaline was high when Mike invited ten startups to pitch via Twitter. My voice is at minute 12 or so. Thanks again Mike.

If we did or didn’t get the chance to meet in Berlin, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the event.

[Photo credit: Luca Sartoni]


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