This Week in Privacy, October 24

We’ve been throwing around the idea of a weekly post dedicated to informative finds on the web that have to do with privacy and security. And in light of yesterday’s great guest post by Bart Mroz for Identity Awareness Day, Passpack decided that now is a better time than any to start – This Week in Privacy.


French President Sarkozy’s Bank Account Hacked
Similar to the Sarah Palin password hacking, but this time hackers actually got a hold of French President’s username and password. Yet another politician who needs Passpack help.


Tech Policy and the Financial Crisis
Shared Host-Proof Hosting quickly came to mind with the growing concern for data privacy. “…companies holding your data aren’t the ones who get hurt if your information or identity is compromised.”

Government Computer News

Locals Leave SSNs Unprotected
How safe is your Social Security number on the web? “Many counties make public records that may contain Social Security Numbers [SSNs] available in bulk to businesses and individuals in response to state open-records laws…”

Of Course We Spy on Our Editors – Zimpapers
Is it a company’s right to spy on their employees? Zimpapers seems to think so. Their employees could have benefited from Secure Messaging.

BBC News

Woman In Jail Over Virtual Murder
If you are not getting along with your virtual wife, make sure your passwords are safe before you decide to divorce her.

The Laughing Squid

Phishing Scams in Plain English (video)
Great Common Craft video on how not to be fooled by phishers.

Passpack is an online password manager, not a Press office but we do dedicate ourselves to privacy and it seems only fitting that we share some of our favorite posts of the week with you. If you have any suggestions or great posts that you’d like to share, we’re eager to hear your comments!


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