This Week in Privacy, Oct 31, 2008

This week’s privacy related news items are well worth the read, covering a pretty broad spectrum of issues. The most eye-catching topics were:

Information Week

Firefox Add-On Simulates Great Firewall Of China
Aram Bartholl, Even Roth and Tobias Leingruber’s recent Firefox add-on has been getting lots of buzz, since it lets people get a glimpse of what surfing the web is like in China.

IT World

10 Tips To Prevent Identity Theft While Shopping Online
Over 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year.Great tips on how to protect your online identity and shop safely on the web.


Interview With Tim O’Reilly (video)
This interview with Tom O’Reilly at Web 2.0 Expo gives fantastic insight on recession issues, start-ups and lots more…

And in the spirit of all things Halloween and security:


2 responses to “This Week in Privacy, Oct 31, 2008

  1. I have been waiting patiently for months now. When is the iPhone native version coming?

  2. @Michael
    We’d love to get it rolled out as much as you would :) The application has actually gone into testing twice on a web-based mobile version (never an iPhone native app, a web-based that’ll work on PDAs etc as well) and both times it came out that it needed more optimization. Javascript cryptography on such a small machine is trickier than it may seem.

    We are working on it though, continuously, and will release it as soon as we have a solid working product.

    Thanks for being patient.

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