We’re Out Of Beta, And Into Pro!

Corks are popping here at Passpack HQ! We’re officially out of Beta and we now have Passpack 1.0. with the first paid upgrade available: Pro.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there will always be a free version of Passpack, and that version is more than plenty for most users. However some of you really are Pro users. If you want to store more than 100 hundred passwords, save your bank and financial data, or if you want some other amazing features, now’s the time to upgrade to a Pro account.

What Pro Means

A Pro account gives you:

  • 1,000 password storage [instead of 100]
  • 30 disposable logins lasting for 3 months [instead of 3 lasting for 1 month]
  • 100 messages you can save as favorite, so they don’t expire after a week [instead of 5 messages]

Who Is a Pro Account For?

Anyone can upgrade, and we think that any user that is managing a huge number of passwords, accounts, relevant information, and those who need to share this information with their customers, relatives, friends, they may all love a PRO account’s facilities.

Pro accounts are starting at an introductory rate of €10 for the first year only. How long will this offer last?  Not forever : )

We’re In It Together

It is a fantastic goal we’ve reached – all of us together – the Passpack team and Passpack users. Thank you for your help and patience along the way!

So, we’re off to a new beginning now. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*If you are interested in upgrading your current account, go to the NEW Accounts Tab in your Pack!


30 responses to “We’re Out Of Beta, And Into Pro!

  1. Thor Marius K.H

    Congratulations on getting out of beta!
    Good to see that it’s going good, keep it up!

  2. Thor Marius K.H

    (Sorry for the two comments)
    A quick question tho, the testers who asked for one year of Pro, do they already have it or is it something that comes afterwords?

  3. Hi Thor – thanks!
    I don’t think we did the upgrades yet — slotted for tomorrow. I’ll make sure emails get sent off to you when that goes through.


  4. Congratulations! The site looks great. The new functions are great. And the price is right! Good job!

  5. Thanks Ronnie!

  6. Paul Reed

    Congratulations, and I agree with Ronnie, the site is slick and easy to get around.
    Have you considered integrating the forum into the site?

  7. @Paul
    Thank you. :)

    I’m always afraid that if we open up a user forum, people will post their Pass or Packing Key in there when asking for help.

    I’ve had to pull comments from the blog for the same reason. It’s the #1 reason why I haven’t implemented a forum yet.

  8. “100 hundred” is an awful lot of logins!


    I can’t seem to use the “Buy” link in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or IE. Is there a hiccup, or have I missed something, please?

  9. Paul Reed

    Point taken, But I’m biased! I dislike blogs!
    + They are difficult to navigate
    + Poor search facilities
    + Once posted – it’s forever! – can’t edit or delete (and I’ve posted some stupid posts in haste, yes in passpack too (see the spelling mistake below!)

    The ‘Testing Forums’ was just starting to develop some key members who had the time and experience to help other users, moderated of course by your team.

    Maybe some time in the future then.

    BUT— let’s not forget the initial post – Congrtulations on Passpack 1.0!

  10. Johannes


    I’m using the lastest version of firefox in Vista and I’m also having problems with the “buy” link. When I click it it says that something is being loaded in the status bar but nothing happens.

  11. Lovelace

    I like your Firefox effort, but I’ll stick to Mashed Life for now. When you have an iPhone friendly version, let me know so I’ll try it out as well.


  12. @NV
    Fixed “100 hundred”… need. sleep. :)

    On the limits of blogs — 110% agree. Yesterday the new site redesign went live, but it’s just the very first step in a process. We’re going to be taking the various types of content that we currently lump into the blog, and distribute it between, website, Help Center and blog. Once that’s done, we’ll have a full stop and see if a forum is still needed/useful.

    @Johannes – Thanks!

    Don’t know what you mean by “firefox effort” but whatever you do – stay away from MashedLife – it is NOT secure

    If you’re not fond of Passpack, try Roboform, Clipperz or my.1password. All solid solutions.

    Issues with Buy button, we’ll look into it. Can you send some more details to support@passpack.com ?

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  14. The buy button doesn’t work for me either. I click on it and nothing happens. It doesn’t try to open any other page. I’ve tried it in Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE.

  15. It’s great that you guys are out of beta now, I started using way back when lifehacker covered you, and man has it got better since, big congrats to the whole team. I just tried the buy link and it works now. Just a quick q, any ideas on when pro+ will be available? Or if a pro account is purchased now, will there be reduced rate upgrades available?

  16. Christoph

    Tara, aside from how I’ve loved your energy and responsiveness in responding to others and myself on both the blogosphere and even by email, your product has grown in user-friendliness and is well and truly release ready.

    Your partner (can’t remember his name — your romantic partner too, I gather!) is a coding monster. Fantastic work.

    Glad to see you have major companies coming on board. I wish you financial success and hope lots of people adopt your convenient, secure solution.

    What I love most about it isn’t the fact that I can create 64-character passwords for sites, nor that I can do the same thing with usernames if I feel like it… it’s the convenience of having my password data in one place and using it as a launching board. I enjoy it even more than I used to enjoy Firefox’s password capability, because it stores the links themselves, and notes.

    Okay, enough with the compliment, now for the well-deserved criticism. Here it goes!

  17. Are the limits on free accounts due to bandwidth, storage, or both? One risk is that users will respond by creating multiple accounts, thereby using the same resources while still being inconvenienced.
    What about an ad-supported version between free and pro levels?
    Also, what will happen to users that are already over 100 passwords?

    Thanks, and congrats on the release!

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  19. Many congratulations on getting this far. I will be signing up for Pro right now.

  20. Well done guys – a fine tool, hope it goes well for you! Just upgraded to Pro. One thing – you have a typo during the purchase process…”Your contry:”

  21. It would be nice to know (and decent business practice) what the Pro account will cost after the first year. Will it remain €10 a year for people that join now?

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