Inactive Buy Now Button – Fixed

Yesterday (Nov. 5) we received a bunch of emails about problems with the Buy Now button when trying to upgrade their accounts to Passpack Pro. It seems that when users clicked on the button, they weren’t able to make a purchase.

What Happened

Before releasing Pro to the public, we ran all of our own testing. For security purposes we had an IP block set up. This was not removed before going live and is the cause of why the Buy Now button wasn’t working properly.

It’s Been Fixed

We’ve deactivated the IP block and everything is set to go, so your Buy Now button should now take you to a 3 step payment process. Thanks for your patience. Going Pro is a bit bumpier than we’d thought : )

One More Issue

It also appears that Paypal is not immediately notifying us when a successful purchase has been made. This means that it could take up to 24 hours from when your purchase is made to when your account is actually upgraded (if not contact us here). We’re working on making the process more immediate but, until then thanks again for your patience.


6 responses to “Inactive Buy Now Button – Fixed

  1. Fantastic, paid and pending upgrade :)

    One thing to note about the purchase process:

    I click on the PayPal button and it takes me to the PayPal login page. Guess what! My obscenely secure PayPal password is sitting in my Passpack account, which is now grayed out while the upgrade process is being completed.

    So I open a new session, and when I finally pay and try to return to the first session it pops up a few dialogs complaining about the new session and finally says that the account wasn’t upgraded (even though, of course it has been). A log-out and log-in sorted it, but just wanted to bring this to your attention as I know you take care of making the user-experience as smooth as possible.


  2. Thanks for the update. Just got my Pro account. It upgraded immediately for me.

  3. NV – I had the same thing happen, but didn’t say anything since it, technically, was a problem stemming from violating their terms of service. Free accounts are not supposed to store passwords for financial institutions :)

  4. @NV Thanks for letting us know. And we certainly do try to make our user-experience as smooth as possible.

    @Jordan No problem and happy to hear it went through for you so fast.

    @Allen You’ve read our User Agreement. Good job : )

  5. A little typo on the accounts page.

    “Your Have This” should be “You Have This”.

  6. @Johannes Thanks! That’s an easy one to fix : )

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