Pass Phrase & Packing Key Requirements

Many of you have told us that the Pass and Packing Key requirement is too rigid. Ok, you speak and we listen.
We’ve now changed the minimum quality rating requirement to a minimum character requirement instead. The Pass now has a minimum requirement of 6 characters. And the Packing Key now has a minimum requirement of 8 characters.

This does NOT mean that now you should slack in security or creativity. It just means that, if you like, you can now use the Pass or Packing Key:

‘cho-co-late instead of ‘chocolate ice cream is always better than vanilla’

This does not mean that we do not strongly recommend meeting the quality rating requirement for both your Pass and Packing Key. But if a high quality rating may be preventing you from using Passpack regularly and keeping your passwords safe, we prefer you secure your passwords.

If you want to change your Pass or Packing Key go to:

Settings > Account > Change Pass
Settings > Account > Change Packing Key

But remember – Long is Strong!

Security is always our top priority but we’ d like usability to be just as important.


One response to “Pass Phrase & Packing Key Requirements

  1. anonymous

    Wait…my packing key was always ‘chocolate’? Did IO get grandfathered in before the stronger requirements?

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