This Week In Privacy, Nov 14, 2008


Bruce Schneier: Securing Your PC and Your Privacy
Bruce Schneier is a prolific writer on the subjects of cryptology, privacy and security. And this is a fantastic interview where he really clears up some common misconceptions and gets down to the raw facts of security on the web.


Is Twitter Ranking Your Popularity or Stealing Your Password?
This topic has been running around the web all week – Is it okay to give your login credentials to a site just because they ask for it? Posts like this have got a lot of people thinking about how easy it is to be phished.

Ecommerce Journal

20% CVs Contain the Information Enough For Identity Theft
It’s common practice to put a CV/resume on the web but does the information we normally put online put us at risk for identity theft? Here are some helpful facts and tips on protecting our identity online.


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