Violà. The New Blog

Ok folks, it’s ready. The Passpack blog has now officially moved to — you may have to update your RSS feed as well.

There are still a few of the most recent comments which need to be migrated over, but from now on, comments on are closed (I hope) and you may see some momentary wonkiness while I change the theme and CSS to “we’re closed”.

Thanks to…

Thank you for all the tips on migrating the wordpress installation. Adam, I’m still trying to get the redirect from set up… but I’m hopeful. Design-wise, Ali via Friendfeed gave a heads up that the sidebar was too chunky, so we got that slimmed down too now.

And thank to the folks behind the scenes, especially to Donato who kept this project rolling despite the fact that we kept pushing it back, and back, and back… sorry for the ulcer Donato [sheepish smile].

And last but not least: my co-designer, CSS slicer and theme guru Marco Giusti. Good job!

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