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Inactive Buy Now Button – Fixed

Yesterday (Nov. 5) we received a bunch of emails about problems with the Buy Now button when trying to upgrade their accounts to Passpack Pro. It seems that when users clicked on the button, they weren’t able to make a purchase.

What Happened

Before releasing Pro to the public, we ran all of our own testing. For security purposes we had an IP block set up. This was not removed before going live and is the cause of why the Buy Now button wasn’t working properly.

It’s Been Fixed

We’ve deactivated the IP block and everything is set to go, so your Buy Now button should now take you to a 3 step payment process. Thanks for your patience. Going Pro is a bit bumpier than we’d thought : )

One More Issue

It also appears that Paypal is not immediately notifying us when a successful purchase has been made. This means that it could take up to 24 hours from when your purchase is made to when your account is actually upgraded (if not contact us here). We’re working on making the process more immediate but, until then thanks again for your patience.


Welcome Message Issues Fixed

Yesterday, October 4, we found and fixed an issue with the Welcome Message which was introduced immediately following our recent migration to new servers.

In some cases, the Welcome Message was assigned an empty IP address. We believe this happened to any accounts (about 40) that set up a new IP address either during, or immediately following, the migration.

Yesterday, the issue was discovered and fixed. However as a follow-on effect, the Welcome Message was not properly showing in the Settings page, giving the impression that it had “disappeared” (thank you to the user who wrote into support to let us know). Indeed it had not disappeared, but was simply not being shown on-screen. This has now also been rectified.

I apologize for the hassle or concern this caused. Please let us know if you run into any issues or odd behavior with your Welcome Message and we’ll look into it right away.

SSL Certificate Issues With Explorer 7

Passpack recently upgraded it’s SSL certificate to an Extended Validation Certificate. Everything was working fine, however Internet Explorer 7 was not showing the typical “green bar“.

Upon installing the library for Apache which fixed the issue for Explorer 7 (last night), the certificate started showing as invalid for other browsers.

We’ve now removed the Explorer 7 specific library, and things have returned to normal. Explorer 7 will continue to see a white address bar (not green).

While there was no compromise in the actual security, I realize this might have caused some raised eyebrows and perhaps even a fright for some folks. I’d like to apologize.

Should you run into any problems with the SSL certificate, please contact us immediately so that we can get things fixed.

Maintenance Aug. 23-25

Over the next few days, Passpack will be undergoing intermittent maintenance.

You will be able to connect to Passpack as usual during the entire time, no significant gap in service is expected. However you may encounter short periods where your account is read-only.

This means you will continue to have access to your account, but you may not always be able to save changes.

Thanks advance for your patience. If you have any questions, let us know.

FIXED: “Incoherent Data” Message

Update: This issue is fixed.

We’ve received bug reports today about users creating a new account, but not being able to save their brand new packs. Upon pressing the Save All button, an “incoherent data” error was appearing.

I do not have more details yet as to the cause of the error, but I’ve been told that the bug has been identified and the fix is being tested before going live.

If you have encountered this error and would like to be notified when it has been fully fixed, please open a support ticket here and I will contact you once you can begin using your new account.

Sorry for the hassle folks. We’ll get you up and running as soon as possible.

Good Morning: Time to Change Your Button

For those of you who don’t know, Francesco and I are a husband and wife co-founder team.

We work a lot. “Always” might be the right word. Office hours are 10am to 8pm, then home for a quick dinner and back to work again. About 2am we hit the sack, exhausted. I usually need to read a few pages then doze off, nose in my book. Francesco falls straight asleep but… during the night he wakes up to… meditate.

Really folks, he does this every night. Thankfully, I’ve learned to sleep through it because it seems those in-between sleep moments are his most productive. Over breakfast he gives me a recap of his night-time musings.

But sometimes his thoughts are too noisy for his own head and he starts mulling around the house, turning on lights, dropping things. In short: he wakes me up. As soon as I get one eye half open, he’s already started talking.

Last night was one of those nights. At 4:30 am Francesco began a long, winding, detailed explanation of something extremely difficult to grasp, something about 1 Click Login and co-workers that hated each other and I can’t remember what else. Relieved of his burden, he promptly fell back asleep. I read a few more pages of my book.

This morning he was up early making changes to the Passpack It! button. I tried to stop him – really. But there was no chance of it. He quoted Bruce Schneier, he swore up and down on possibilities and plausibilities and then…. he changed the button.

So, lights on, everyone up! Time to reinstall you’re button. Up and at ’em troopers. Your current Passpack It! button will no longer work, you’ll need to reinstall a new one.

Sorry, You’ll Need To Reinstall Your Button

Passpack will prompt you to do so the next time you use Auto-login, but here are instructions in case you’d like to take care of that ahead of time:

  1. Delete your current button from your browser
  2. In your account, Go to Auto-login > Install My Button
  3. Reinstall your button

Too much work? Here’s a faster way to do it.

Questions? Fire away, we’re listening.